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The app asks for my username and password after I have enabled and relogged in with a 4 digit pin code. Normally the purpose for a 4 digit pincode is to bypass entering a username/password (which is quite fiddly on a cellphone)... This is how it works with the Internet banking apps I have on my cellphone that use a 4 digit passcode.


Please advise if this is the intended operation.


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    The way to log in to the Payoneer app is with your username and password. This is the most secure way. We are working on having the app remember the username - the password won't be remembered for security reasons. There's no need to put in your PIN.


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    I think that 4-digit code login should replace the regular one with password when you activate it.

    Also the app must lock with this code when user press Home button (because it didn't actually quit the process on iOS) or when device goes to sleep (screen locks).

    In very handy way locking is implemented in 1Password app (on behalf of reference, sorry :)