Is this safe to do?

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I'm a Payoneer card holder since 2012. I've been using this card to make online shoppings and it's worked like a charm.


I always buy at well known / trusted e-shops like amazon, ebay, bestbuy, among others.


The problem is that i live in Venezuela and most of my products must be delivered to me by third party carriers.


In the last purchase i made at amazon i decided to use dibercargo (3rd party carrier) to bring my product to Venezuela, however, it seems that they don't have a payment gateway but a "CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AUTHORIZACION FORM" which must be filled in with my credit card info (full name, cc number, cc expiration date) and sent to them via e-mail. They seem to be a trusted carrier company, however, i'm not sure if it's recommended to give my credit card info this way.


Is there a way that i can use their method in a safe way? What should i do?


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    Please make sure that this a trusted company that you're familiar with, or have heard about. I would guess that if Amazon works with this company it's safe to work with them as well, but if you can make sure somehow through friends/online search, that'd be good.


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    Thanks, Romi.


    I'll make further investigations about the company.


    ciao, :)