Direct Deposit Fees?

So I finally got my Payoneer account running, but I'm kind of confused with the fees I have to pay (which I knew nothing about somehow. ;l).


So, I loaded my card with 10USD at first and got 9.90USD, (10% fee charge? uh. what.)

Then I bought a chocolate (irrelevant, costed 1.50USD on the card) and loaded my card with 200USD extra. Now I have 176.45 USD and I'm really confused with the fees I had to pay. Really that much?


I want to note that I think it could be the 28USD fee for the keepup of the card, but I'm still really confused as I didn't find how it was calculated. The best I could come up with (after deducing the 28USD from the fees paid) was that I paid about a 2% fee?


Main question.

How do I know how much it costs me to load cash to Payoneer?