How to setup Payoneer card to recieve AdSense payments?

I'm trying to set up my card to for Google to wire my Ad Sense revenue directly to my card however they are requesting a SWIFT-BIC code, can someone tell my how I can retrieve this code??



  • Romi
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    Unfortunately Google Adsense does not allow withdrawal to a bank account in your country. Since the US Payment Service details we provide are for a US bank, unless your Google Adsense account has the option to withdraw to a US bank account, you will not be able to use the details. We don't provide a SWIFT/BIC code, only an account number and routing number.


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  • chiaravel
    chiaravel Member Posts: 9
    Hi Romi

    Then we can't use PAYONEER to receive GOOGLE ADSENSE payments ?

    I don't understand, Google is a most serious and leader enterprise of the world.

    Maybe I understund your answer.

  • Justine
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    Hello chiaravel 

    This will depend on the country that you are located in. If you Google Adsense account does not have the option to withdraw to a US Bank Account, you will not be able to use the details.
  • shahsaan1
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    please Guide me can we use USD Payoneer card in google adsense for Germany (EURO) Payments?