Why are my funds GBP ? It should be US funds.

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I receive US payments from 2checkout and everything's fine , although when i go to the ATM and withdraw cash, the bank converts the currency from GBP to CA.


Why GBP ? My funds should be US. I am loosing money on the exchange.


I live in Toronto, Canada and i should be able to withdraw US funds (since i am being paid in US funds) converted to CA cash, yet the ATM's always see my Payoneer credit card as GBP currency.


I would appreciate any help.







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    Your Payoneer card is held in USD, and purchases made should indeed be converted from USD. We do have an issuing bank in the UK, and perhaps the ATM is mistakenly identifying your card currency as GBP.


    Unfortunately I would not be able to assist in this issue as I do not have access to your account information. Please contact our customer support department so that they can check your detailed account information and assist you further: http://www.payoneer.com/ContactUs.aspx

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    Thank you.

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