cant recover my password

hi all 


i am having a problem . i just recieved my master card and as i tried to login to activate it i came to know that i unfortunately have forgoten my password so i tried the recovery method it asked me of my username last four digits of my card date of birth and a security question i filled it and it sent me a link of another form to fill but as i am filling that form i am getting an error of "wrong details" but i am sure that all the information i have is correct . the information it was asking was


username ... ( my email that i have provided )

last four digits of my card .......... ( my card is right infront of me )

date of birth ......... ( i have my national id card infront of me too )

security question .... ( it have asked about it and confirmed it before .so it cant be wrong)

phone number ... ( i only have one number so it cant be wrong either )

the new password ..

and re entry of new password 


after entering all the above info and pressing submit it gives me an error of wrong details .. 


any assistance about this topic is appreciated . I can also provide any kind of identity proof too including copy of my national id card ,driving licence copy  or any other documentation needed 


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