why is'nt my application getting reviewed?

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Hey i wanted to ask a question from the mods that why is'nt my application no getting reviewed i have been waiting for it for more than ten days i submitted my application on April 22 and have'nt gotten any replyfrom payoneer my refference number is 4132256.


@Romi since you are the first mod to welcome me as you would any other person could you possibly do something for me if its not too much trouble ,i would really appreciate that




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    The relevant department is looking into this and reviewing your application. You will be updated via e-mail.


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    thanks i received the email but now i have a different problem now even though i have provided them the right address they are saying that it is not my private address could you please look into it.I have uploaded a copy of my phone bill but in the billing address i entered Flat no. 28/A (flat=appartement) and in the bill the address says House no.28/A does that make a difference or not.thanks much appreciated.

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