Missing information, please contact Customer Support

   I have recieved private loads  on friday payment number is 10423414  but t says: '' Missing information, please contact Customer Support ''  loader is my friend she also sent so many document like picture of   ID and credit card details I have rang to customers support and she ask me to email them they never answer my emails

 I have so much funds  trasfered  from amazon more than 2300usd there was not any problem at all  

why payoneer makes problem this time ? and makes me wait that much?  when will it be load to my card ?

I dont wanna call you again pls call me as soon as possible 


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     Please note that private loads, as any other payment, are subject to review by our payments approval department. It can take several business days for us to review all the information your friend sent over and to reply to your inquiries. Do you have a ticket number that I can refer to and look into? (starts with LTK and ends with X).


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