Couple Questions

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Hello payoneer,


I am new at payoneer so i have a quick questions for you.


1. Is there a mothly/yearly taxes to pay to payoneer when you have your credit card, and if there is, if my account balance is 0 does it still charge money from my account and it goes in negative balance.

2. If i enter money to my credit card for the first time does payoneer charge them instantly in order to satisfy this 29 $. I read somewhere on net that it charge money the first time i enter on my account.







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    1. When you apply for a Payoneer account, you have a set of fees & pricing for your account. Once you're approved you can access this list of fees in your Payoneer MyAccount, by logging in. Fees are charged only once you have sufficient funds on the card, not when the balance is $0.

    2. Yes, if you receive a payment which is sufficient to cover the annual fee, it is charged automatically.


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