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Hello i'm new here. So let me introduce my self, Im Nick from Macedonia, i recently get my payoneer account, so i made a PayPal so my question is does the paypal need to be made US PayPal or does not matter the country ? I made one paypal for my father on US PayPal so now i linked the Bank but the card it needs to be the same billing addres and my paypal is Las Vegas and on payoneer is Macedonia. Can this freeze my paypal account or something ? And what about the Social Security Number ??


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    Hi Nikola,

    Welcome! :)


    In order to withdraw from a PayPal account to your Payoneer account, the PayPal account must be yours, the details must match with the details on Payoneer and you must have the option to withdraw to a US bank account via US ACH. If PayPal require a SSN, this isn't something we can provide.

    Please note that in order to link your Payoneer with PayPal, you must have funds on your Payoneer card. If you have no funds it will not work for you since PayPal won't be able to charge the verification amount

    If you have funds and still unable to verify the account - please contact PayPal directly.


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