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I have three queries and I only have Elance and odesk debit cards:

    Can I receive paypal payments from A forum where I want to work and get paid.
    Can I deposit money for a paid skill test through my existing elance debit card for a test at If yes how?
    I have lost $10 from from my Payoneer Account after credit of $20 now only left with a balance of $9.72? Please check out the whereabouts?    

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    Hi Shahid,

  is actually a Payoneer partner! You can add them as a paying company to your existing card (along with Elance and oDesk).

    You should be able to use your card on to pay for things - as long as you have sufficient funds on your card.

    I see that you have 2 pre-authorized transactions with - this is the reason you see less funds on your card. These transactions need to be released by the merchant and this could take several business days.


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