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I am a web developer and sign up payoneer account on behalf of my client to receive payments from his website through a third party to payoneer account 


I submitted a scanned copy of the client's identity too few days after I received email from payoneer that


"We're sorry, but your recent application for a Prepaid MasterCard® has been declined.

Should you believe this to be an error please contact us at Payoneer Contact Form

Your Application Reference Number for this matter is: 4344964."


I contacted the customer support centre to inquire about the cause of application decline and what to do to solve the issue I received a reply with generated ticket number: LTK1216101952724X  and have since not hear from any personnel from payoneer, can you please look into this issue for me to clarify the cause of decline


Thank you





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    Please note that it may take up to 4 business days for an email inquiry to be replied to. You can always use our live chat or call us directly for a quicker response.


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