Why Payoneer thinks Inactivity = Fraud?

The day I was waiting a payment, I received no email notification ('Your prepaid debit MasterCard has been loaded'). So I decided to log in to my account, and surprise!, my account had been deactivated. This message was in my account inbox:

"This is to inform you that due to inactivity, and for the security of your account, your card ending in xxxx has been deactivated. This security measure helps prevent fraudulent usage of your card. To reactivate your card and resume activity, please select the card ending in xxxx at the top of the page and press on the link provided below it."

In other words: "we lock your account to prevent fraud". Absurd! C'mon guys, let's be serious.
There're two types of suspicious activity: inbound and outbound. For example, receiving frequent or big payments from third parties. That kind of activity is closely monitored by serious companies like PayPal. But that can't happen with Payoneer: customers can only receive money from ACH transfer from selected companies. Besides, payments are subject to approval. (I rule out private loads, because they never work).
On the other hand, your Mastercard can be used improperly, or even be stolen. That's the kind of activity it deserves to be locked. So it's absurd to lock an account for inactivity.

How long does it takes to get deactived? Please, don't try to answer. I'll do it: a random period from 2 to 4 months. But counting from when? Application, card approval, USP Service approval, card activation or last login? There's no official period, e.g. "If the balance on the card is $0 for 60 days, it will be deactivated".
That randomness wouln't be a problem except that there's no notification (before or after). Yes, Payoneer wants its users to login daily to read their inboxes.
How the hell am I supposed to know that my account is deactivated if you don't notify me, or you don't have a set period?

Finally, I clicked a link and the account was automatically re-activated. Another surprise: the payment I was waiting appeared 10 min later (with the date of reactivation, not the original reception). I was lucky that day, but others might not. US Payment Service Terms says: "If your Payoneer Account is blocked for inactivity, suspicious activity or for any other reason, funds received through the US Payment Service will be rejected and the funds will be returned to the sending entity."

In conclusion, Payoneer can block your account at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice. Good job, guys! Keep going your monopoly.


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    Thanks for reaching out and taking the time to give us this feedback. While I understand the points you raise, deactivating an account when it isn't used for a prolonged period of time is part of our work flow and terms. No bad effect is caused, and once an account holder wishes to restore their account in order to use it for payments, it is easily done.

    The deactivation is performed when an account is reviewed after several months in which it hasn't been active - since the last use of the card in any way - receiving payments, withdrawing etc. Usually, someone who is using the card actively and frequently, knows that he is using it, hence no deactivation will occur. Someone who isn't using the card at all and simply has the piece of plastic at home, most likely won't mind the deactivation, until they want to use the card again - in which case they'll contact us and be assisted.


    Once your account was reactivated, you received the payment. We probably asked that you first have a pending payment in order to reactivate the account, which is a term we might need to have for reactivation.


    Hope this clears up any confusion and helps to better understand the flow of activation and deactivation.


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