Working via Elance / who pays taxes?



I've read a responsive from your (Payoneer) admin saying =>

"The Payoneer card is issued by Choice Bank in Belize. Payoneer provides global payment solutions, and as such we are not required to report any taxes - that would be done by the company paying you. "


So let's say I'm working with clients over Elance (as I am).

Elance doesn't have to pay taxes as they receive / send money via Escrow.

You don't need to pay taxes, since you're just a service.

So either me or the person I'm working with need to do that.

I'm guessing we both don't.


So, it's a bit of an inconvenience to ask every client (I often meet several new clients per day) do they pay tax for this job (and as per your answer, I understand they should).


So who is obligated to pay the taxes? My buyer in his country or me in my country?




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    I can suggest checking the specific law in your country regarding the taxation. You, as someone who receives payments for work you do, should probably inform tax authorities of this.


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