Direct load Problem.

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Payoneer Email support is no more effective.


I am having a issue while receiving direct load to my card.

I have mailed to contact support but they only sent an automated EMAIl.


How can I receive money through Direct Loading Facility?
Currently I only can receive Card to Card load and US Payment service (oDESK)


I am a freelancer. My every client can not pay through oDesk or Paypal. So I need direct load facility,.
What are the requirements to do so?


  • Alieve
    Alieve Member Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Is there any moderator in this forum?
    Who's going to answer the questions?
    at first when i joined Payoneer it had Good support but now its dead..

    I am getting this message.

    Private loads are not supported for this card



    2. Today I receive an email to

     Complete the US Payment Service questionnaire. To complete the questionnaire,

    and then document upload page?


    Why I am asked to do so? When I have already done this almost year ago?