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Hello everyone, I'd like some feedback on some issues I am facing:


Our business is a software company selling digital products online. I am based in Athens/ Greece (GR) and my partner is based in India. We are in the process of forming an LLC in Delaware. Forming such a company, will give us a physical US address, and the necessary company registration papers, however we are unable to obtain a US bank account, or a company credit card.


I already have a Payoneer debit card that I use for accepting payments as an individual, and I was wondering if I could apply to get another Payoneer debit card to use solely for my newly formed Delaware business.


What we try to achieve mainly is to use Stripe for online processing of credit cards. They require a US company and a US bank account and routing number. I have already applied for US Payment service, and got the bank account details, but I do not want to use the same account for the business I am forming.


Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome.





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    Hi John,


    Unfortunately you cannot apply for more than one card/account on Payoneer, as an individual. You can only use one card.

    If you are forming a business that is looking to pay freelancers/workers then I could suggest discussing a possible partnership, but I think that's not the case.


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