Question about payoneer referral reward?

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Hello everybody,can anybody tell me that if my referral receives 100$ through payoneer account to account transfer and not by any payoneer affiliates like paypal or else, then Can I earn my referral reward?Or is it necessary to receive that 100$ through US payment service?Thanks in advance.


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    Whats the point of referring others if others arent linked to a business or service using Payoneer?
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    The $100 requirement for the Refer a Friend program does not include account to account transfers.
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    I did not get my $ 25 even though I am registered under the link to refer and i shipped my account more than $ 100
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    Please note that with the Refer A Friend program only once your friends have $100 in their accounts then you will be able to get $25 in your account.

    For more info please see this link:

    If you reached $100 and still have not received the $25 bonus, please contact our support department so that they can look into this and assist you further:
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