HSBC and Pin number problems

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I have the same problem as this guy.
(Cant post links yet)

I have already wasted 6 dollars and havent gotten any money yet!
I also tried changing my PIN, and now it says PIN could not be changed!

What gives?
What is causing this problem?
I am in Manila and used HSBC and tried with Citibank too. Citibank accepted the PIN, but it's charging an additional surcharge so I did not go through with the withdrawal.

Please help me with my problem ASAP. And also please explain to me whats exactly going on! The nearest HSBC is an hour travel time from here, and as what I did yesterday, changing PINs alone doesnt do it!


  • Tengamer10Tengamer10 Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
    Yesterday I managed to change PINs succesfully.

    Earlier today, being 100% sure of my PIN, the ATM still said the pin is incorrect!
    Upon getting home, I tried changing PIN again, but this time it said Pin couldnt be changed.
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    I already emailed support. But it will take 2 weeks to get a response!
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    (Ticket# LTK1216103203199X)
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    I am sorry for the frustration this is causing you, a support rep will be contacting you soon.

    Please note, when withdrawing from Citibank there is a conversion currency charge.
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    I already spoke to customer service live chat.

    Robotic answers! He just changed my Pin, didnt give me any explanation why that is happening!

    BTW does the transaction history show ALL charges? I dont see the 1 dollar charges totalling 6 dollars.

    Earlier I tested this card to pay the groceries. The balance reflected the transaction, but no details are present! Is this just a delay?

    ALL charges should show up!
    6 failed attempts count as 6 transactions, therefore I wouldnt have to pay 3 dollars anymore on the monthly.
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    Sometimes a new transaction will take 24 hours to show up in your account. If you are having difficulty please contact our support directly via a call and they will take you through the steps to read your account correctly.
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