I'd love Payoneer to work with Freshbooks

I've been working for a while with www.freshbooks.com and it's a great and professional tool for making invoices They have a lot of payment gateways, so it would be awesome for me and a lot of people to have that option. I hope you consider it :thumbsu: !


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    Thanks for the suggestion! If you have any contacts at the company that you can refer me to, please send me a PM with their details or e-mail them to me at [email protected]

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    Bump this. Freshbooks is great and getting invoices paid through Payoneer would make it even better.


    I alone know of an organization with 40+ people that may be interested in Payoneer if it's integrated into Freshbooks. I probably can tell each one of them to contact Freshbooks' support asking for it, but there really isn't any other way?


    Also, Freshbooks integration has been suggested a few times (here http://community.payoneer.com/index.php?/topic/224-freshbookscom/?hl=freshbooks , and here http://community.payoneer.com/index.php?/topic/128-have-a-payoneer-account-please-read/?view=findpost&p=491&hl=freshbooks )



  • LacrymologyLacrymology Member Posts: 1

    I work with freshbooks as well, and I'd love to be able to get paid through payoneer, instead of having to go through paypal and then making the deposit

  • entreseanentresean Member Posts: 1

    Payoneer would be making my year by working with FreshBooks. Please make it happen.



  • TurnintermediaTurnintermedia Member Posts: 1

    I've got contacted by Melisa Su, telling me that payoneer is planning to hook up with freshbook


    Is there any news about this yet?


    I really would love to get this working, since i could bypass Paypal and 2CO that way :)

  • WILMEROMWILMEROM Member Posts: 7
    I am starting working with Freshbooks too and it's great and easy to use but it would be a dream come true to work with Payoneer too, it would be great and we could say Goodbye to a lot of other companies and say ( as always ) GREAT GREAT GREAT to Payoneer !
  • RatkoRatko Member Posts: 3
    Freshbooks and Payoneer integration would be really nice. Freshbooks is great invoicing site, and make us freelancers life easier.
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