Transactions Amount Limit per Day

Hi, I am new to Payoneer and want to fund my card from Odesk and amount would be $1000 and my question is if i want to withdraw money from local ATM (Pakistan) then how much maximum/minimum i can withdraw money per transaction and per day ?

Second question is what would be currency while withdraw from ATM ? if it would be in local currency then what would be currency exchange rate i would get ?

Looking forward to your response.


  • Nissim
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    Thank you for choosing Payoneer!

    You can use your Payoneer card to make purchases of up to $2,500.00 in online/in-store purchases, and $2,500.00 in cash withdrawals ($5,000 total daily limit).

    You can make purchases in any currency supported by MasterCard, and funds will be converted from USD to your local currency at the time of the transaction.
  • naveedmetlo
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    Okay Thanks Nissim for information.

    Can you also tell me some names of ATMs in Islamabad who support to withdraw in US dollar as i guess all ATMs gives money in PKR currency ?
  • Nissim
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    This post has great information about the best ATMs in Pakistan