Money Being Taken Away!

This is my first post, and I'm sorry for my rudeness.
I demand a huge explanation to why my money/load in my account is being taken away!
I know there are activation fees. After the activation fee, I had approximately $10.
But then, Payoneer took away some more money separately. Now I'm left with $8.40.

It's not that it's a lot of money, but I need a deep explanation on this. If this continues, I'll have to stop using Payoneer.

Oh I have another doubt. At first, I had $25 before activation. After activation, I had $10.39.
I don't see any activation fee with $15. All I see is $12 and $24 for listed countries. What in heavens world is going on here?


  • Nissim
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    Thank you for joining our forum, and for choosing Payoneer!

    I've checked your account, and see some pending pre-authorization charges from PayPal (3 transactions of small amounts). This may be the difference you are referring to.

    You may view a complete list of all credits/debits made to your account by signing in to your online My Account page at:

    If you have any questions, please feel free.
  • SupremeDev
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    Oh yeah! I used this payoneer debit card to link to my paypal so I can verify it, but why did they send 3 transactions?
    It was supposed to be 1 transaction with a description that mentions 4 numbers I need to use to confirm my verification.

    How come I can't see the 4 numbers that is needed to confirm my paypal account? I can't even see the credit transaction in my accounts page, all I see is one transaction which is my old payment from an affiliate.
  • Nissim
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    All of the transactions will appear in your "Outstanding Authorizations" section until processed. The 4 digit code will be in the transaction details once it has been processed.

    I do not know why PayPal made 3 charges. It's possible they may expire, or be refunded to your PayPal account.

    Please PM me if you do not see the code appear soon.
  • zeidroc
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    The paypal 4 digits confirmation code does not show in the transaction details I am afraid. The only description Payonner provides is something like 'Loaded on 02/05/15 5:59:15 AM(PayPal
    EuroS.). So, linking a payonner bank account to Paypal is impossible.