Receiving Payments since months , suddenly Payoneer tells us " Payment service not verified)

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Dear Payoneer team, I cant count the serval phone calls we had on our bills to call your costumer support. We receive since many weeks payments from our STripe account without problems . Suddenly when a huge amount should arrive at our payoneer account you sent an email to us that the US Payment services is not verified yet . It is looking like scam what you try to do here. Additional we ve got asked for costumer data of our stripe account. Ther eis only a YEs OR NO, you want to earn money from the payments which should be delivered on our account ? If yes create not always problems caused of you bad support . I will see now the next step..i expect already that you will block our account and ask for more docs, just like scammer companies do it to hold cash and to work with the cash. Sorry this we never expected it is looking much more worst than paypal was ever. Explain me that detailed and post a confirmation that we can receive payments to our account , otherwise we close here all . The idea of Payoneer is very very good but I am not sure anymore if you can rely on payoneer with bigger amounts in USD. There is no trust and this is caused of your costumer support.


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    Reference Number: 150208-001491, look the screenshot .......Full list of payments from our costumers .... means we share with payoneer costumer data...I can provide you also a full scan of my certificate of marriage maybe this is needed also to receive payments at payoneer ???
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    Hi @xenos, unfortunately we cannot provide support regarding your account here on the forum. Any questions should be directed to our customer support department:

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    Thanks for your reply, I did expect this answer. I am sorry but you know also that your costumer " support" will do not much to answer us the reason why payoneer claims here the right to look into costumer data. Payoneer is such a great idea and i understand well that you need to check up your clients, but I cant understand anymore your costumer support . We did receive since weeks payments without any problems ( we did withdraw extra only small amounts to payoneer , one time you get a little bigger amount in this account and suddenly your support tells me the US payment account is not verified... Where we received already payments and a confirmation of the verification status. This looks simply not so well additional we ve got asked to provide you costumer data . I hope you keep in mind that your users pay your salary and if you take a small view around the inet then you will see that we are here not the only one which complain about such a business practics .
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    Update because I dont want to be unfair to the payoneer staff. They loaded the amount in time to our account . pls check up your clients better hidden in the background, it is not good to ask costumer data. And to start a request with the sets " payment services is not verified " where it was already verified.
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