Paypal-Payoneer link End Biggest Lost :( Want Alternative

adilx750adilx750 Posts: 13Member ✭✭
Accept it or not but the end of Paypal Payoneer Link is biggest lose for us :/ A good and big and good business was running before it was all close that not good we want an alternative surely.


  • ShehroseShabbirShehroseShabbir Posts: 84Member ✭✭
    US payment not working on skrill aswell.

    Please fix this 
  • besboosabesboosa Posts: 8Member
    It works
  • besboosabesboosa Posts: 8Member
    my first attempt worked my second said there is a technical problem and your money was reversed but I actually lost money so I dont know
  • adilx750adilx750 Posts: 13Member ✭✭
    > @ShehroseShabbir said:
    > US payment not working on skrill aswell.
    > Please fix this 


    Was,nt know that happening here too anyway i am not a admin or mod u should contact payoneer so they can assist you better.personally think hope skrill must not behave like Paypal.
  • davewils55davewils55 Posts: 1Member
    Hey guys! Mine hasn't been working since January... every now and again I've been trying again and again to see if the problem resolved... Good news!! Over the weekend I made withdrawal that went through; I was so surprised I attempted to empty my Paypal balance backlog... and it just went through to my Payoneer account today :smiley:

    Want to know if others have been successful too and whether this problem is now fully resolved or if I just got lucky this week?!?!
  • issajasonissajason Posts: 4Member
    now im going back and forth from payonner and paypal crazy customer service that cant help me with adding payoner bank account with paypal ,it say cant ad bank account at this time! i called paypal and say theres a problem rigth now with some bank adding from e-commerce like payonner.i bougth this card and CANT use it lost time and money with this suppose card that could help me bring the us dollar to buy china cheap things in us dollar without having to pay the 5% credit card exchange fees and paypal exchange fees and so on.
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