Using payoneer in ATM machine in Libya?

besboosabesboosa Member Posts: 8
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So I live in Canada and I am going to Libya, just wondering can I use the ATM machine there to withdraw from it? Using a debit card issued from abroad seems to work but wondering if that's the same for a payoneer mastercard?

My payoneer card was ofcourse issued to Canada


  • besboosabesboosa Member Posts: 8
  • besboosabesboosa Member Posts: 8
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    So it turns out that someone was able to withdraw using an ATM machine in Iraq using the payoneer card so I guess it should work in Libya too
  • rizwan143rizwan143 Member Posts: 79 ✭✭
    Hey besboosa! Ya you can use your payoneer in any country where "Mastercard Logo" is displayed on ATM Machines. I personally used my payoneer card in 3 countries & it worked well everywhere :) . Enjoy visiting to Libya :)
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