Processing Failed...So What's Next?

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I use Payoneer for its bank transfer services (to my local bank). Last week, I noticed that one of my transactions did not come through. And I am still waiting.

Under the "Transfer History", I noticed that this payment had 3 cancellations before the last update which simply stated "Processing Failed". On the payment history page, however, it says "In Process".

I was not notified of any problems. As a result I took my own initiative to contact Customer Support. The staff mentioned that they will transfer my inquiry regarding this 'failed bank transfer' to the relevant department. But I am still very concerned. My Reference Number is: 150225-005891.

The funny thing about this is that a separate transaction made 2 days later was processed and loaded. No issues with that one at all.


1. Has anyone here faced similar issues with bank transfer before? How long did it take to resolve?

2. Is there someone SPECIFIC from the "relevant department" I can speak to regarding this issue rather than Customer Support, which is always random.

3. Where in cyberspace is my money floating around now?

Will appreciate a reply, thank you.


  • dayvidfoodayvidfoo Member Posts: 2
    Update: this case has been settled.

    Cheers to Payoneer team for getting this settled as soon as possible!
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