I'll Love For Direct Load To Be Available For Other Card Type

I'll love for the direct load to work with other credit cards other than mastercard and visa. For example, it does not work for AmEx or Discovery :)


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    JoeXYZ wrote:

    I'll love for the direct load to work with other credit cards other than mastercard and visa. For example, it does not work for AmEx or Discovery :)

    Thanks, Joe, I'll definitely pass your suggestion along. The types of cards we accept for private loads depend on a few different factors, however if we receive enough requests to add a specific service we're always more than willing to give it a look.

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  • acuencaacuenca Member Posts: 2

    Hello Nissim, I have an AMEX credit card and I want to load money to my Payoneer account. Actually I have to load it on Paypal but, It's not widely accepted as Payoneer.


    I'll really appreciate if you add support to AMEX. I think it would improve Payoneer experience.


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    Hi acuenca,
    Thanks for the suggestion!


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  • FlowerPowerFlowerPower Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    Amex merchant fees are expensive.

  • blogwizblogwiz Member Posts: 7
    I just wish you would make private loads available with out the stupid limits! I use to be able to use the private loads and was stopped because I had more private loads than loads from your so called partners! I'm working around this rule using fiverr and other freelance programs but would be so much easier if you would just allow private uploads with out earning limits!......which I have yet to learn! I was told once it was I had to get payments from your partners of at least $120 in 6 months to get my private loads reinstated yet I have missed that amount by one day several time and payoneer shows no heart by saying hey you missed the cut off 1 day or a 100 days the rules are the rules!
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    @blogwiz‌ - payment/merchant processing solutions are a common request by many of our account holders, and you can be assured that we understand the demand. We're working hard to improve this service and hope to have some exciting news on that soon.

  • beatrizbeatriz Member Posts: 2
    I would like for Payoneer to accept Amex for the private loading service as well. Many clients only use this card.
  • MadbunnyMadbunny Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    @Nissim few months after your post and we still dont have any solution for this. Payoneer should at least make available to receive CC payments from companies. I understand there are many reasons why private payments with CC could be a problem but at least one from companies should be accepted. I'm sure Payoneer could even implement automatic checking to see if the payment was from a company so no extra work would be required.
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  • megbalokmegbalok Member Posts: 2
    @Nissim so one of my client want to pay me via private load. But he use AMEX, can he use AMEX to load my account? He is from NZ. Also same for another AU client.
    Kindly let me know if there any way to get paid from other card like Discover, AmEx ETC.

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