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  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    November 6
  • vab
    October 31
  • mhamedzerig
    I was freezing my money for about $ 42 because of a purchase from the site and the request was refused. When I called them to retrieve my money they told me on 16/10/2017 you return automatically and have not returned yet and you need it
    Customer identity: 22429485 :'(
    October 16
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi there,

      If you are experiencing any transaction related issues with your Payoneer MasterCard, I ask that you contact support so they may review the case and assist you with it.
  • ahsanmg887

    Hi @Adam_Payoneer
    I am facing a problem in my payoneer account that "Recieve" service is not available in my account. I want to recieve payments globally but its not available in my account. Kindly guide me what to do now. And what are the requirements to enable this service. Thankyou in advance

    October 12
    • Adam_Payoneer

      If you are unable to locate the payment receiving features in your account, they may have been disabled either due to a long duration of inactivity or a payment you received in the past went against the T&C.

      You need to contact Payoneer support to see if the payment receiving options can be enabled for your account.
    • ahsanmg887
      How to contact with payoneer support?
  • Juliet_cyril

    I requested for a merge of account and I just received a message that it has been done but I don't know which account it was merged to. How do I know.

    September 29
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hello Juliet,

      Read the email you received carefully, as it should advise you which account remains active. If you are not certain which account it is, contact support so they can assist you.
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    You’re practically family.
    October 10
  • MasAlto
    Hello Adam, can you help me with a question, I need to affiliate my payoneer card to fiverr and I do not find how.
    October 9
  • MasAlto
    Hola Adam, me puedes ayuda con una duda, necesito afiliar mi tarjeta payoneer a fiverr y no encuentro como.
    October 9
  • charlesjmc1705
    Hi Mr Adam! I have an issue here. I use to receive my payment in the same day from the same company. Last Thursday they sent me my payment.
    Payment ID: 54749283
    Why my payment is still under review before approval. That process can't work like that even though i already submit my identity and you already verified it. How long it will take for loading the payment. that's no good. I used to receive my payment in the same day or 1 hour from the same company. Please how can you help me
    October 7
    • Adam_Payoneer
      Hi Charles,

      Contact Payoneer and see what information is required. The most common reason to experience such delays as you described is when Payoneer requires additional information from the individual or company account.

      If that is not the issue I suspect, the Payoneer representative will be able to easily clarify this for you in order to get the payment approved and loaded to your account.
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    October 4

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