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  • cutie
    Hi Dan!
    Customer ID 1646822
    I transferred 132.66 USD dollars to my local bank on 17th September and I haven't received this amount yet,normally I do receive the amount on the same day or next day,but this time eight days have passed but no payment received.I have contacted to my bank account but they don't have any information and they have asked me to contact you .I even have no information about from where my amount was transferred,please help me regarding this,ty
    September 24
  • MakeItCleanServices
    28215867 markdown. Make IT CLEAN SERVICES
    September 23
  • MakeItCleanServices
    180907-009754 markdown
    September 23
  • MakeItCleanServices
    September 23
  • AnwarDayeh
    hello there,
    i sent the request to be approved, and sent all data required from me
    that is from more than 5 days and i'm still waiting approvement till now!
    i hope that would help and the problem will be solved as soon as possible.
    thanks in advance.
    August 4
    • sammyblackwiseman
      I have this problem too...plus let me know the progress if you have been verified yet
  • shenburlaos
    Hello Dan.
    I have been emailing your customer service for days and tried the live chat but still, no answer was given to me, My money is still not transferred to my bank account. Its already the 6th day now, I would love to get at least an explanation and not let us wait for forever to have a reply. We are your customer and what I am experiencing right now is very frustrating. Even though its a small amount of money I still did work hard for that.
    September 18
  • goldfather

    Dear Payoneer Team, @Dan_Payoneer
    I need my bank statement to submit to Amazon. I have already sent you all the documents but I did not receive bank statement via mail. 5 working days passed but no emails arrived. Please help me. Please Help Me.
    Thank you! Many thanks.

    Reference Number: 180907-009754

    September 14
  • Razaq

    Hello @Dan_Payoneer please I've already uploaded my drivers license and passport and I also answered a questionnaire which was 3 days ago buy still haven't received my funds.
    Please I'd love for you to look into it
    User ID17029789

    September 14
  • authur

    Hello Dan, pls kindly help me out,my user id is 28222213, i have been trying to open a payoneer account but always get disapproved

    September 13
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    September 12
  • Ebonez

    Hi Dan. I am a freelancer trying to get my withdraw to bank minimum amount reevaluated to suit my seasonal earnings as $1000 is too high. What's the best way of getting help for this? I have sent several messages, live chat questions and community questions and comments but I haven't found any answer. I earn less than $100 in a month. Please help. My ID is 27745727

    September 8
  • mfp
    Hi Dan, thank you for your help. My customer ID is 1774022. Thank you in advance.
    August 28
    • Dan_Payoneer
      Hi, our teams are already on this. we should have an update soon.
    • mfp
      Thank you Dan, I hope so. Kind regards.
    • mfp
      Hi Dan, do you have any news about this?
    • mfp
      Sorry, any news? we are still having trouble with this.
    • mfp
      I called Mastercard Argentina and the only answer from them was ask to your credit card issuer.
      How difficult is for your "teams" to call Mastercard and ask if they have a problem in Argentina with Link's ATM?
    • mfp
      Any news?? We are still waiting for an answer. Ten days for an update! Dan are you still there?
  • destnyellington

    Hello Dan, can you please help me, to reset my password?

    August 31
  • Onajite

    Hi Dan,

    I have received payments from multiple clients amounting to more than $200 on my USD side and more than £100 on my GBP side. All on the global payment service.

    I wanted to pay a subcontractor for one of the projects that I received the above amounts for. But I cannot make a payment. How do I go about this?

    August 29
  • mfp
    Hi Dan, I'm from Argentina and yes we are having trouble using the card. We have two ATM providers, Link & Banelco. Link is not giving money in the ATMs and Banelco depends from the card. I have this problem from Tuesday 21st. Now the same problem is in sale points. So, is it possible that Mastercard is having problems with Link ATMs and POS in all Argentina? Thank you for your help.
    August 27
  • Razaq

    Hello Dan ,My funds have been released by my creditor but has not been processed by Payoneer because i didn't upload my documents on time which I have now uploaded 2 days ago (drivers license) but still my funds hasn't been released and I need it BADLY 🙏😢. Please I'd love for you to please look into it.
    Customer ID17029789

    August 25
  • sahkel
    Hi, i mistakenly request withdraw wrong IBAN, and i want to cancel it can you help me that
    August 20
    • Dan_Payoneer
      Hi, I can see that you are already in contact with the teams. Feel free to keep me updated on the resolution status.
  • sahkel
    Customer ID : 18753746
    August 20
  • sahkel
    Process Number

    Transfer Number
    August 20
  • jasimbhat

    Hi Dan I am from India and I don't have withdraw option in my Payoneer account please activate on it will be thankful to you.

    August 16
  • tariq4422
    Dear Dan kindly review and check my message .. my post i am upset here
    August 9
  • Algerian

    Hello Dan_Payoneer
    Has I can order a new card ... I have one but it blocked

    August 9
  • ProvideR
    Hi Dan,
    I have an issue with some upcoming transactions (pending payments). This is the first time I have trouble paying with my card. I already opened case (Reference Number: 180807-009609 My Customer ID: 23612952), but nobody is answering to me. I just want to ask you to cancel those payments and to release the amount back to my account. I tried to contact online service, but I am stuck in position 35 all the time, so you are my option to solve it fast.
    I placed order in Banggood.com, but the seller canceled the order at the first moment, so I do not want to block my fresh amount in the card.

    Thank you in advance!
    August 8
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    August 8
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    August 8
  • usman456
    Yesterday upon cash withdraw, ATM process my transaction and I received transaction completion receipt saying "TXN REVERSED" and ATM doesn't deliver cash.

    I checked my balance online and found that amount has been deducted. Its first time that atm error happen to me.

    Kindly guide that what i can do ?
    August 3
  • WAJIHA10
    hello Dan The tracking code for my card does not work Please help and I can not track my card
    August 3
  • Kadir276334

    Hi, I want to lock up the 26884572 account number

    August 2
  • igormkd94
    can you answer on my topic no one answer 3-4 months are gone.
    July 27