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  • mujahid_ali
    hi Dan.
    my Customer ID 16018111.
    my account has been blocked from many months,there is any way to reopen and i did not recieved my payoneer prepaid master card...there is any way?
    i contacted many time no any one replayed me..
    October 12
  • AbdulZn

    Hi Dan, I have been trying to verify my paypal account with Payoneer, but its been more than two days now, and I have not received the two confirmation payments that they already sent to my US bank account. So how should i go about this, I need it ASAP.

    October 1
  • Dan_Payoneer earned the 25 Answers badge.
    Looks like you’re starting to make a name for yourself as someone who knows the score!
    September 25
  • cutie
    Hi Dan!
    Customer ID 1646822
    I transferred 132.66 USD dollars to my local bank on 17th September and I haven't received this amount yet,normally I do receive the amount on the same day or next day,but this time eight days have passed but no payment received.I have contacted to my bank account but they don't have any information and they have asked me to contact you .I even have no information about from where my amount was transferred,please help me regarding this,ty
    September 24
  • MakeItCleanServices
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    September 23
  • MakeItCleanServices
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    September 23
  • MakeItCleanServices
    September 23
  • AnwarDayeh
    hello there,
    i sent the request to be approved, and sent all data required from me
    that is from more than 5 days and i'm still waiting approvement till now!
    i hope that would help and the problem will be solved as soon as possible.
    thanks in advance.
    August 4
    • sammyblackwiseman
      I have this problem too...plus let me know the progress if you have been verified yet
  • shenburlaos
    Hello Dan.
    I have been emailing your customer service for days and tried the live chat but still, no answer was given to me, My money is still not transferred to my bank account. Its already the 6th day now, I would love to get at least an explanation and not let us wait for forever to have a reply. We are your customer and what I am experiencing right now is very frustrating. Even though its a small amount of money I still did work hard for that.
    September 18

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