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  • calvinagor
    Hello. Thank you for your answer to my question. I took your advice and waited for some days again but still, there are no updates. I sent an email to the customer service around three days ago but still no reply (the system message stated that there will be reply up to 2 days from the time I sent the email to them). My issue, if you can recall, is about Stripe sending me payments. I submitted all the required documents already.

    Can you help me please? Any updates will do.

    Also, as your customer, I want to suggest this: if you need to conduct a review, please send at least one email per day. Just inform us of updates. That will help a lot. It is really hard for us because you promise to reply after a certain amount of days but then you seem to forget until weeks passed by. Please just alleviate our paranoia that you forgot our concern. An email a day will do, even if it is just an email telling us that the payment review is STILL in process. Please don't "ghost" us.

    Thank you Gian.
    December 12
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    December 11
  • iamdawhizkid

    The image attached is your reply to the exact problem I am facing at the moment. I am requested to provide the invoice for incoming payment in verification center, but I am being met with a 'we don't support that type of file' error, despite my file meeting the upload requirement.

    I saw your reply about an alternative means of submitting the file. I have done that.

    The enquiry reference is Payoneer Reference Number: 191203-017710.

    Please help fix this, as the incoming funds in needed urgently.


    December 3
  • NathalieT

    Dear Gianmarco,
    There are no options that match my question on contact us > send us message. I had no choice but choose from unrelated options some days ago and I received an automatic reply providing me answers to other topics...
    Please can you contact me?

    December 2
  • Jobs
    hello dear payoneer support!
    regarding this post :
    when i do click to receive email to reset my password i just do not receive it no mather how much i try ..., can you please help :)
    November 28
  • marwaan1215

    It's been 9 days already.... How much time do you really need to verify it.?

    November 25

    I already submitted government I'd proof,but it is still under process, please verify it and activate my account and link to appen connect

    November 25
  • roshankarki
    sir my account is not verified yet. its a more than a week.i have submitted all the required information and documents as needed. Kindly provide me your kind guidance,
    November 25
  • Tutor
    Hello, I am trying to avoid a scenario where after receiving payment, it is put on hold and I have to beg you to process it. I was advised to get my account verified before I set any transaction in motion.
    November 15
    • MahamZeb
      Unfortunately, I am stuck in that scenario atm.
  • freebird
    I ordered two cards and I didn't get them and I want to use DHL Expedited Shipping
    Customer ID 25400525

    Thank you
    November 19
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    November 19
  • danilo_bassy
    Hello, unfortunately your Email Support only gives unhelpful automated replies.
    I wanted to verify my Paypal account with my Euro Payoneer Bank Account, but you don`t display the 4 digit code in the earnings report. Can you please give me the code?
    Danilo Bassy
    Customer ID 25928381
    Bank Acc ending in: -1269
    Transaction date: 27 Mar 2018 and Transaction ID 71131512
    Thanks for your support
    November 18
  • Nimmi_102

    Then now what can I do

    November 16
  • kalkidan

    @GianmarcoPayoneer do you know when global payment service will be come available? The other options will not work for me. Now I currently got a chance to work for a foreign company and they agreed to pay me through Payoneer that’s why.
    Thank you for your support.

    November 15
  • aajijn
    When I want to make request a payment option then there shows mine document only so How can I start receiving payments?
    November 13
  • kristineaubrey
    Hi, if I need to add my sister's bank account under the Supplier account they need to know what kind of business do I have? I don't have a business or anything else I just need to transfer my money to my sister's bank account. This has been my problem since last week and I have seen so many users complaining about this. I am really disappointed with PAYONEER it's taking them too long to process our account verification.
    November 13
  • qashfa

    Customer ID33492835
    Good I was told my Account will be activated yesterday and till now the account is not activated yet what is wrong


    November 8
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    November 7
  • sunshineguerra02

    Hi I already coordinated to chat and email but nothing is provided. I received same email and it is not helpful.

    November 7
  • Gourab_Sarker
    I have applied for the Payoneer account verification and provided my additional information and NID as well but still, I have not received theverification email for my account. Its already been 8-9 days. I have already dropped the message and told my issue 2 times, but the autogenerated answer isn't satisfying.
    I am providing below my reference number.
    Reference Number: 191105-014870

    I want this to be solved for my online business. Please resolve my issue, I'll really be thankful to you.

    I am waiting for your good response. Kindly I am waiting for your response.

    Gourab Sarker
    November 5
  • Cecilia82

    Hola gianmarco cm estas.. perdón mi insistencia. Pero debes entender que me pone nerviosa. No saber de mis fondos y no encontrar respuestas por parte de uds... podrías ayudarme

    October 23
  • Whiteny

    Customer ID: 32794077
    Its was not resolve... I haven't receive my money in my account and this is frustrating. I mail my bank and I received an email from them saying the money was not sent to them that I should provide the transaction receipt which I did and they replied back that I should contact the sender which is your company

    October 17

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