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  • Syed_Awais

    My client send payment in 8 may but it's showing still in pending what's the reason when I get this money?

    May 12
  • Qasim47
    I am unable to withdraw from upwork to payoneer. @GianmarcoPayoneer please help me
    May 12
  • maxi39
    I receive the money on 4th and 11th, May.
    But IT is on pending now, not yet on my balance.
    when my money become on my balance?
    May 12
  • pencilsoftbiz
    How much should i receive my from trust partner or market places, If i use make a payment option?
    May 11
  • eizo

    mr,gianmarco,pls seen my msg honestly i am stress for the error,i withdraw my money through my local bank account but its always YOUR APPLICATION ERROR,PLS TRY AGAIN LATER, I clear cache,clear data and i use other site but same error....pls fix the error for transaction smooth thank u...costumer id 32496213

    May 11
  • subu365
    Hey I have not been receiving any email to update my address or my address comfirmation have not been comfirmed yet. Can I get my payments. I dont want to transfer that payment back to my client again so its urgent.
    May 11
  • eizo

    good day....can i know if whats the problem cause evrytime i withdraw my momey through bank always said APPLICATION can i withdraw my money through my bank pls seen this thank u..

    May 9
  • crix01
    hii, my ID :35683590 i have sent various emails to correct a typo in my name till today nothing 2 nd i dont see global payment on my main page what can i do i have send the id photo am waiting for something till today nothing
    May 8
  • AfzalMahmood
    Hi, It has been 6 days since payment is pending and I already sent you requested details regarding the type of service provided.

    It's my humble request please solve this matter and clear my payment. I shall be very thankful to you.

    Payment details.
    Amount. 100$
    Transaction ID 191770503
    Reference Number: 200502-014010
    Customer ID: 35193083
    May 7
  • AhmadJawid
    I have activated two-step verification in my account. But my phone number has been deactivated recently and I am not able to sign in into my account because it asks OTP. Would you help me with this please, on how to solve it? I really appreciate your time. Thanks
    May 6
  • Fii

    Hello GianmarcoPayoneer
    Why is my payment still on hold by Payoneer and it was made on 1st May. Kindly advise.

    Customer ID:37040273

    May 6
  • muhammadddyounus
    Hello GianmarcoPayoneer My Id is Customer ID: 31184687

    I got the payment from the client on 30 April and I am not getting my payment on Payoneer account still please help why and Payoneer show us the estimate date and time but its showing under review now and I also checked my emails I am not getting any email from Payoneer about verification and all please tell me what is the issue it has been 3 days.

    My client paying me from credit card so it should take 2 business days and it has been spending already please tell me when can I receive my payment so I will withdraw it
    May 3
  • bilu71115
    I think it was not uploaded last time... sorry
    May 2
  • bilu71115
    Hi! Gianmarco. I am really grateful to you for providing me information regarding the verification process. Thanks. Btw I don't know that I have submitted another picture. Those are finer. Everything is focused and clear but one side of the Pakistani ID card includes some shining logo. Though everything is clear including my picture but I don't know if the shining may cause any issue. I am attaching a picture here(I have intentionally hidden some personal information). Please tell me does this picture meets Payoneer requirements?
    May 2
  • Dexter49
    Hi there Marco. Please I need a Community Federal Savings Bank account assigned to me because of my First Century bank account was declined by PayPal. Thanks
    May 1
  • ClintonBen

    Please help me with my pending transaction

    It is frustrating to have a pending transaction for a long time

    April 30
  • Daniel_Neves
    Hello, Team Payoneer

    I withdraw 175 US dollar from my USD Account on 23 of April and I only received 43,71 US dollar the next day (24-04-2020). Today is the 30-04-2020 and I'm still waiting for the rest of my money, what's going on guys?

    My Customer ID: 26326804
    April 30
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    You received 25 Agrees. You're posting some good content. Great!
    April 29
  • lyricistjayemmanuel

    I tried using a checking account they said I need a savings account and I should contact payoneer. So pls help me out

    April 29
  • balandarj97
    @GianmarcoPayoneer I think I have the same concern with @emimarocampo
    I would like to find out if I can provide my virtual bank details (IBAN) from Payoneer from a co-worker who doesn't use Payoneer but Paypal and Transferwise.
    April 29
  • emimarocampo

    @GianmarcoPayoneer Bitsafe works like Payoneer or Paypal too. It is a payment system that will let you do wire or sepa transfer. With that, can my client send me payment using his Bitsafe Payment or Transferwise acct if I provided him my Virtual Bank Acct (IBAN) th Payoneer assigned to me?

    April 28
  • Mohon23
    hello sir can you let me know my fees that will be charged in future since i have not used my card after activating nor i have deposited any money.could you let me know if i will be charged any amount if i load funds now. Customer ID 31176368
    April 28
  • MichaelRodd
    Customer ID: 28835614
    Michael Rodd
    Good Morning, PLEASE can you assist. I have sent a copy of my countries drivers license (front & back) as requested in the hopes that you will activate my Global Payments in the "receive" tab of my account.
    I need to know if this is going to happen urgently, because if not I need to move on and find another solution.
    Thank you!
    Regards MR
    April 23
  • ReyMondejar

    Hello. Please help me. I can't receive payments from my client. I have sent documents for verification but been waiting for days, still the status is "submitted"
    My customer id: 37183131

    April 22
  • abdeji2930
    Hi, I already try to reach support centre through the link, but because my account was blocked so I can't login to my account.
    To do live chat and call customer support need to login first.
    I already try to reach through email, but it takes time just to wait the reply and action from support. Is there anyway I can contact customer support.

    My customer ID : 33638655
    April 15
    • azamat888
      I have experiencing same issue!3 days are passed but still none answering
  • azamat888
    Hello!My account has locked during 3 days despite that it should unlocking within 30 minuts!I wondering have I any chance to unlocked?Sincerely!Your Customer ID: 16208085
    Reference Number: 200420-008568
    April 21
  • Millasaras_

    Hello, could you help me. I just lost my $50, payoneer said it for manual charge. I even didn't do anything for several time before. I have called payoneer, but they say nothing... there's no voice. Please, I'm a newbie in payoneer.

    April 21
    • Millasaras_
      My id is 36660021
      Transaction id 4366182535851939
  • janika
    Hello....How do i submit my National ID card through you?Please give me a link where i can submit all my documents. Please help me. My Customer ID 36849640
    April 20
  • Noreen11

    Hey My name is Noreen My account is blocked from 3 Days and please give me access to reopen my account As my money is in my payoneer account please help me in this regard

    April 17
  • anikairalliyah_2206

    Hi.. I just want to ask how will i change the wrong details that i put in my payoneer? The bank number is wrong thats why i cant receive the money send by Bigo.

    April 16