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  • bilal1234
    مرت 30 أيام ، وما زالت المستندات الخاصة بي لم يتم التحقق منها. ما يجب القيام به؟
    May 7
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    May 5
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    May 5
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    April 26
  • uyarall
    Hello. I can't seem to find the 9 digit routing number. I can't find global payment service. Thank you
    April 27
  • rproni
    Hello Dear,
    I can't register on the site. The procedure stops at the screen where I am asked for the details of my identification document. In that screen, after pressing the send button, the system loads indefinitely without showing any error messages.

    I also tried to switch browsers but without success.

    I have written twice to support.

    An automated message informed me that an account with my email already exists and to try to recover the password.

    The verification code, which I can request either via SMS or via EMAIL, however, does not arrive
    Also, the last two digits of the mobile number that the system thinks belong to me are NOT mine.

    What can I do?

    April 19
  • Nauman3377
    Dear Hannah,

    I hope you are doing good.

    It is stated that I have requested my Fiverr account to get linked with the Payoneer accounts. Despite many days, my request is not completed yet. Whenever I click on withdraw a message is displayed on the screen (That you have already applied for the application). When I contacted Fiverr Customer Support, they siad that the issue is not from their end. Please guide me how to request Payoneer to attach that funding source or else.


    April 14
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    April 12
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    April 12
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    April 12
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    April 12
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    April 12

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