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Hi folks. If you have a question or concern please make sure you send me a private message, instead of posting here on my wall. It will allow me to respond to your question quickly. Thank you!


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  • gedos17
    hi kaz
    i try to WD my balance, but system show We’re sorry but the application has encountered an error in processing your request. Please try again later. up, i have try clear my windows, and also try with other windows (computer). and still same problem. please help me.. my ID is 18015210. please help. thankyou
    November 18
  • farukhossainbd57


    November 18
  • norezbaloch

    Well I am back again to ask if the photos are still blurry because the account has not been approved yet. Someone check please. Thanks. My New Payoneer Account Details: Customer ID: 34427190 Thanks

    November 16
  • Mesutsagir

    Costumer number is 30073389, Mesut Sağır. I recive a payment from my client at 05.11.2019. Today is 8th day and nothing was happens. Your answer came so late. I and my costumer is in terrible because of delay. Please check and approved my documents.

    November 13
  • Umitsu
    Hello Kaz;
    Thanks for answer; but I continue to have issues with this, still the same error message is coming,"We’re sorry but the application has encountered an error in processing your request. Please try again later." I couldn't withdraw money to my bank account for days from the transaction approved on November 1. Help me please.

    Customer ID: 17060271
    November 13
  • PriyatomoKumar
    Hello there,

    I need your help.

    From a long time my account all currency has been disabled. only usd have enabled. Now My account is ineffective. I can't use this account.
    I have tried many times to fix the account. But I am failure.
    I asked Payoneer authority, what is the problem in my account? They told me this is the security reasons for the Payoneer and I have to use another payment method aside from Payoneer.
    I can't receive any payment from freelancing marketplace.
    What should I do now? May I get your help, please?

    November 13
  • Miz_Toluwalope

    hello , i wrote on the forum earlier about how papaya rejected my first century bank and i already wrote to support and added the screenshot but can you help fast track it i really need the community federal savings bank. reference number- 191111-018501

    November 12
  • KazPayoneer earned the 25 Agrees badge.
    You received 25 Agrees. You're posting some good content. Great!
    November 9
  • KazPayoneer earned the 100 Answers badge.
    Admit it, you read Wikipedia in your spare time.
    October 29
  • LauMex
    Hi, You are not aprove my Appen count to payoneer. Please, I need it. :(
    October 25
  • Teeshaddy

    I need your help with my account

    October 24
  • kitama

    Hi Kaz, i need a help for my old account.. my account get blocked and if i reset password, i get message your account has restricted.. i have send my problem by email to payoneer support and not solved.. thanks

    October 16
  • BranchX

    Hello Kaz, how do I get a community Federal savings account?

    October 16
  • Juvie

    Can I withdraw my money from my payoneer mastercard here in Turkey with the amount of 80 usd??

    October 16
  • Soli

    My approval delayed more than 6 days , I sent everything they want and no approval sent until now , I contact them but there’s no answering

    October 15
  • dabs

    It's been over a week now and the management team have still not gotten to me and my payment is still pending please i need my money for work. Please resolve this issue so I can go back to work

    October 14
  • harishtiwari

    Hello Kaz, additional information was requested from me and my client who has made a payment which was submitted 7 & 8 oct but I don't see any email or credit activity, when I called Ur customer service they informed that they have received the documents and have forwarded it to the concerned authorities but I have not received any reply or credit. This is the first time Iam using Payoneer vs PayPal and really feel frustrated that it is taking forever to receive my funds. I am really unhappy and disappointed by your service.

    October 10
  • Ali_Haider
    My Customer ID is: 27303436
    I am waiting for your response.
    Thank you :)
    October 9
  • Ali_Haider
    Why I have no option of global payment in my account? Please help me. I will be very thankful to you. :)
    October 9
  • Hmk7

    Hey I've been waiting for my account to be approved for several days now, The last time I sent my document's photo (Government Issued ID) was the 30th September. It'll be already a week past and still I had no answer. I really need my account to be approved so I can use it!

    Customer ID 34163086

    October 7
  • WonderDaniel

    I want to add community federal savings bank account to my account so I can use it with PayPal

    Customer ID: 34217036
    Ref: 191004-013912

    October 7
  • Syllvie

    Halo there,
    Thanks for your response. I inboxed your Facebook admin and they said my account is old and doesn’t have that option so the only solution is to open a new one, which I have done.

    October 4
  • caiolivemw
    Hi Kaz, my id is 1152025973592563712
    I have provide all the documents payoneer asked me, since September 10, but my funds are still pending. Could you kindly check what else do I need to do?
    Thanks in advance
    September 24
  • Samir123456834

    Can you please mail me at [email protected]

    September 22
  • Samir123456834

    You asked me to send me a private message

    September 22
  • jaimelyncabasag22

    Hi, I just have a question and I want to fix everything as soon as possible, My Salary will be there in a few days. I don't want delays because I work hard for it and I have family to feed. So, my Bank Account was approved Already 2weeks ago and it say that approved payments from our payroll, then I just notice a pop up message saying that verification Required, asking for my ID and Business profile. Again, our National ID will be available next year 2020 and I don't have passport. I tried to add the valid Government ID I have and I used that for my Bank account too. It was confusing, it was already approved and then asking for verification and I don't have business too, not necessary to fill it out. What should I do? Please reply ASAP.

    September 21
  • carlascott

    Could you please help me with my pending payment of nine days

    September 20

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