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  • sportssim64
    Hello sir, i have loaded balance into my usd account in 29 june, 2020 and dashboard shows balance. but till now my usd card have no balance shown. it shows zero balance on card. please answer me why my balance not transfer into my card?

    Customer ID 3042496
    Name: Anil Simkhada
    Bonjour, je n'ai pas l'option «Service de paiement global» sous «recevoir».
    je souhaite vivement demander ce service. Merci de m'aider svp.

    Mon ID Client 38423918
    June 27
    Bonjour, je n'ai pas l'option «Service de paiement global» sous «recevoir».

    je souhaite vivement demander ce service. Merci de m'aider svp.
    June 27
  • rajib120

    Hello kaz,
    I have submitted my national Identity Card but not accepted, I want to resubmit my National Identity Card again. But in verification center I am not getting a option to re apply my National Identity Card. Please let me help.

    June 26
  • MbabaziEunice

    Hey kaypayoneer, I applied for a payoneer account in the past 3 to 4 weeks ago and until now I have not yet received an approval email and so I tried to contact the support contact and I told them my issue and after words I received ban email from kim, the support guy and the email was saying that it has been approved and so I went to look for global payment to see my bank details and no were to be seen meaning it has not yet been approved. I did send all the documents they requested for so I don't know what is happening.

    June 26
  • henes
    ı want to close my account . but never closed my account .

    4 message send but never deleted account.

    pls help me

    Reference Number:
    June 26
  • hussein_aldmour

    I have created a Payoneer account more than one year ago, and fulfilled all requirements I have asked to provide (Local bank account and National ID). But when I try to get my account details from Global Payment Service choice under the Receive drop down menu, i couldn't find it. i register from kingdom of bahrain Please help..

    June 18
  • damithsl

    W H M Damith Sri Lakmal Wanninayaka Customer ID37841569 ... This is my account . Please help I cant see the global payment service

    June 17
  • _Nancy1

    Hello, please I'm having a little issue with my account, a payment was sent from an ewallet to me and instead of putting my name in the beneficiary box the sender put his name. And money is pending right now. Kindly respond

    June 16
  • gepeng
  • Rush1

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I have payment issue with my Appen Connect account, I need to resolve it. My payment is pending from January to till now. Please help me.

    June 2
  • emeritus

    please I tried linking my payoneer account to my appen but got this error that have refused to go out

    "We are unable to change your payment method at this time. For further assistance please contact us."

    May 29
  • lovely
    when i want to make a payment to send to my partner i can't it's writing general error
    May 29
  • nigo988
    I will be sending my card to NY address (Forward Shipping) via Aramex, is there any info/proof required to allow the shipment to reach me without issues?
    May 28
  • Ajeet

    My customer Id is 37836369

    May 28
  • Ajeet

    Hello Dear Kaz. I Have my payoneer account and via global payment services I requested the payment from my client. My client uses paypal to pay me the amount. However, every time my client attempt to pay me the payment, it is declined. I was wondering whether the problem is my payoneer account? Or it is with my clients account on paypal? And What is the reason why paymment is declined, is because my client has not linked a card with his/her paypal account or it is not linked or outdated? Or there is problem with my payoneer Account which is not supporting local transfer (ACH)-I assume it was not a wire transfer which payoneer does not supporta that i know. May be paypal is not accepting my payoneer account detail which is First century. should I need to make a federal saving account to help my client link that one with their paypal account and can then send me the money.
    I have read you article dated april 2019. It was very well written and very informative one. congrats and thanks

    May 28
  • izzuu

    Hay Kaz I created account on 6 may still not approved then I contact customers support they replied me that they will come back to me in 5 days now that 5 days also passed please help me if you can do

    May 20
  • M_Kashan
    Hey there are your company customers help them and help me as well wahat are you doing man? This is your work to solve our payoneer issues ? If you dont answer then it show your company is bad answer all the customer s issues ? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
    May 19
  • Reeham

    Hi Kaz
    Please I need ypur assistance regarding my payoneer account approval, I signed on 5 May 2020 and till now the account is not approved nor I received any mail asking for documents for approval, I need my account to be activated and approved immediately please
    My customer ID num is 37621143

    May 19
  • sanawal5

    helo Sir i have transfered my funds on 13th may and today at 19th may still don't get paid please help me ..

    May 19
  • shahbazali786
    When i delete bank account showing error like this
    "You cannot delete this bank account because you have funding sources connected to it."
    help me please
    May 18
  • joycej

    My transaction is still pending it's already 4 days

    May 18
  • melfaressi
    hey so my account isnt approved yet it been almost 2 months now and every time i contact the support they say that i will receive an email soon but nothing
    May 18
  • M_Kashan
    Hi dear my account is approved but i cant get the global payment service in my receive tab why ??
    May 17
  • emmjayee01

    Hi my payment from fiverr doesn't reflect in my bank for 2 weeks now. Please what's the issue?

    May 16
  • shaza11
    My problem is that when I try to fill the form to reissue a new card before my old one expire, I was sure I gave the correct information, but once I click Reissue Card, I got this message " Wrong Details " and I did that multiple times and checked the details multiple times but nothing worked, could you please help me.
    May 11
  • zekariyakose
  • zekariyakose


    May 8

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