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    Good mornig LauraPayoneer
    I submitted my required documents but i havn't GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE today.
    Can you help me please ? I need this service to receve my payments. my Customer ID 38423918
    July 3
  • priceless92

    I want to know if i can order my payoneer prepaid card because i have noticed the wirecard issue

    July 2
  • sportssim64
    Hello sir, i have loaded balance into my usd account in 29 june, 2020 and dashboard shows balance. but till now my usd card have no balance shown. it shows zero balance on card. please answer me why my balance not transfer into my card?

    Customer ID 3042496
    Name: Anil Simkhada
    July 2
  • tahir45

    Hello, I see u just address a similar issue to mine, can you please chexk on my complaint also? I have a pending withdrawal Issue since 25/06/2020. Transaction id: 202375598 Amount: 2000 euro

    July 1
  • henes

    I opened my payoneer account in 2017 but never used it. no action was taken.ı didn't use card.

    do i have a debt ?

    Customer ID: 19141606

    July 1
  • rajib120

    Hi Laura,
    I have submitted my national Identity Card but not accepted, I want to resubmit my National Identity Card again. But in verification center I am not getting a option to re apply my National Identity Card. Please let me help.

    June 26
  • henes
    ı want to close my account . but never closed my account .

    4 message send but never deleted account.

    pls help me

    June 25
    • henes
      please help me because 5 mounth ı want closed account ...
  • present
    I have worked for Appen Connect since 01/2020 and my Payoneer account was blocked due to mismatch between my last name on my ID and my last name on my Payoneer account and Appen told me that I should contact Payoneer directly to get support with another registration. I registered a new Payoneer account and supplied them with my Payee ID and all I got is an automated email that doesn't help at all. I hope I get this issue resolved as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much.
    June 23
  • Cynthiac

    Can someone approve my account so I can receive my money. I have pending funds.Customer ID: 27575864

    June 16
    HI, Laura inded i have been olding a payoneer count since june 21, 2020 but my global payment service is not activated my reference is #200613-007152
    June 13
  • mohammadnat

    Hello laura
    My reference is #200611-015066

    June 11
  • dewanmasum

    Hi. I have sent my fiverr money to my payoneer account which was verified with NID and Bank statement. But it is showing fund under review. How much time will it take and what is next?
    Thank you.

    June 9
  • farouq
    Greetings @LauraPayoneer ,

    I already have a verified paypal account lilnked with a visa card. The problem is that I cannot link it with my payoneer provided USD bank account. They do not deal with First Century bank, so I request adding Community Federal Reserve Bank to my payoneer provided USD account.

    Please I need your help as soon as possible.

    My Customer ID is this : 34301532
    June 2
  • Smile12

    Hello, can you help me ? I don't know why my Global payement isn't activated and my "Live chat" didn't showed on my account. What can I do ?

    June 2
  • Reeham

    How do I contact you ms Laura via private message ?? You told me to do so to assist me but I can not find such button here in community

    May 31
  • LauraPayoneer
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    May 29
  • Ajeet
    Hello Dear Laura. I was wondering if you could answer my query. I have made my account on payoneer, and sent a "receive a payment" to my client. But my client says that the every time they send me the payment, it is declined from payoneer side. This cycle has been happening for many many days, and I am still here waiting desperately to receive my payment via payoneer.
    My Customer ID is 37836369. I would really appreciate your insightful response on this.
    Hoping to hearing from you.
    May 28
  • LauraPayoneer
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    May 26
  • SimonOris

    Hi, My name is Simon and I need Community Federal Savings Bank added to my Global Payment Service (USD) so I get my funds from my PayPal account to my payoneer.

    I already have a debit card linked and confirmed to the paypal account. I've also sent a message to support and still no response after two days.

    Customer ID 23249566
    Ref 200523-014087

    Please, kindly help me resolve this.

    May 26
  • Revisitedkoplak

    Hello Laura I have same problem more than 5 days the funds have not yet entered into a local bank account
    My ID Transfer 4366182560349386 and ID Transfer 4366182560757731

    May 25
  • Reeham

    Hello Laura, please I need your assistance, my account is not approved since I signed up for payoneer (5 May 2020) , its been 2 weeks and I need it to be activated,
    My customer ID num is 37621143
    I will provide each required document for approval but kindly push the approval process and activation
    thanks in advance

    May 19
  • Ngoziakashili
    Hello Laura,
    What's happening I'm kind of upset with the way my application for payoneer is been treated. I've created and submitted the requested information to effect my account approval yet nothing is being done,it's more than two weeks but I haven't got any response. The experience is very disappointing. Please help out.

    May 17
  • LauraPayoneer
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    May 7
  • LauraPayoneer
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    May 7
  • Fii

    Hello @LauraPayoneer I received a payment on the 1st of May but pyoneer won't approve the withdrawal. Status is "pending "
    Kindly advice.
    Thank you.

    May 6