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IT IS HGH TIME YOU STOP PRACTISING STUPIDITY!!!!! WHO ELSE IN THIS FORUM RECEIVES THIS STUPID EMAILS ... "It looks like you may have registered a bank account not in your own name" Do these crooks read what they have been given or just generate anything they think of? First they are UNSURE of their DEEDS...What do they mean by the term "it looks like...bla bla bla..." How stupid am I not to attach a bank detail with my name? So whose details did you see if not mine? ADD ALL MY BANK ACCOUNTS TO PAYONEER AS I HAVE SENT THEM AND MAKE MY MONEY AVAILABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL!!! THAT'S ALL I WANT. STOP JOCKING AROUND WITH OUR MONEY!!! TAKE YOUR TRANSACTION FEE AND GIVE US OUR MONEY!!!! THIS IS A PLANNED THEFT!!! YOU DELAY OUR MONEY TO INVEST IN THE NAME OF "IT LOOKS LIKE bla bla bla" to keep us waiting for our rights. CORPORATE THIEVES YOU ARE!!! I WANT MY MONEY!!!


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