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  • sherif2022

    Please I need help, I already contacted your customer care but all I got was an automated reply.
    I have a verified PayPal account with a working card linked to it, and a balance with an amount of money that I wanted to transfer in my US bank account provided by Payoneer, but infortunately I can't link to my bank account in payoneer because PayPal didn't accept my First Century Bank account. I need a new Community Federal Savings Bank account so that i can link it to PayPal. When I contacted your customer care all I got was automated reply.
    I already have a card with sufficient funds linked and when I verified with PayPal they told me I need to contact Payoneer to change my First Century Bank account to a Community Federal Saving Bank account so help me please.
    Thank you.
    Customer ID: 31429122

    June 4
  • nisanur
    Dear authorized
    My name is nisa nur ünver.
    I can not log into my account. I sent mail many times, but you send an automatic reply. My payone account is registered on my old phone number and I can never log in.
    Is there any other way to save my new phone number.
    June 3
  • farouq
    Hi @GianmarcoPayoneer

    Thank you for your prompt action. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve Bank was also declined by paypal.
    Is it possible to add another Payoneer USD account (not First Bank and not Federal Reserve Bank)?

    I will attach the screenshot to my email.
    June 3
  • farouq
    Greetings @GianmarcoPayoneer ,

    I already have a verified paypal account lilnked with a visa card. The problem is that I cannot link it with my payoneer provided USD bank account. They do not deal with First Century bank, so I request adding Community Federal Reserve Bank to my payoneer provided USD account.

    Please I need your help as soon as possible.

    My Customer ID is this : 34301532
    June 2
  • judeinno
    Hi @GianmarcoPayoneer
    I do not have the 'Global Payment Service' option under 'receive'. Please help me.
    Customer ID 34520021.
    I sent in my passport details and it shows status approved,
    I also sent out an inquiry to support centre and my reference number is 200602-004822
    Please help out I need to receive a payment from the US but I have no account details to submit

    June 2
  • Fxjoe

    I have submitted my government issued permanent voters photo ID card, but yet it has not been approved why?

    June 1
    • Fxjoe
      Customer ID 37970245
  • SaadEjaz006
    hello, now I have a payment on pending for a week and my documents are still on the submitted status and my payment is stuck pending too, please can you help me with this.
    May 31
  • vyshnavmohanmb
    pls help
    May 31
  • kalam1216


    May 31
  • shiza
    Hi GianmarcoPayoneer, Thank you for your reply, I do not find anything on the customer support related to my problem, I am new here. Please guide me,
    I have problem following listed as:

    When I try to withdraw from Fiverr I'm getting this message,

    "It looks like you've already submitted your Payoneer application.
    Please contact our Customer Support department for more details."
    when I contact Customer Support department:
    reply: 404 forbidden

    What should I do? In the Verification center, there is no required information is requested.
    I had sent emails and didn't get any response yet. Please help me out.

    May 30
  • hammadali

    Hi, This is Hammad Ali and I request to add a Community Federal Savings Bank to Global Payment Service (USD) so that I may link my Paypal account to it.

    My customer Id is: 25495045

    May 28
  • Ajeet
    Hello Dear Gianmarco. I was wondering if you could answer my query. I have made my account on payoneer, and sent a "receive a payment" to my client. But my client says that the every time they send me the payment, it is declined from payoneer side. This cycle has been happening for many many days, and I am still here waiting desperately to receive my payment via payoneer.
    My Customer ID is 37836369. I would really appreciate your insightful response on this.
    Hoping to hearing from you.
    May 28
  • SimonOris

    Hi, My name is Simon and I need Community Federal Savings Bank added to my Global Payment Service (USD) so I get my funds from my PayPal account to my payoneer.

    I already have a debit card linked and confirmed to the paypal account. I've also sent a message to support and still no response after two days.

    Customer ID 23249566
    Ref 200523-014087

    Please, kindly help me resolve this.

    May 26
  • Reeham

    You just commented on my discussion and closed it advicing me I should contact cs for help on my account , well I tried several times !! The live chat is Not open for me, and when I call the customer help on phone I am asked to provide my cs ID and when I do, the answer machine tells me that no information can be told about my acc and that I should contact cs via live support !!! What can I do ???? There is no way to reach any agent, please I need my account to be approved !!!!! Kindly help

    May 23
  • renatele
    sorry, I was late to answer your question and my topic was closed. I tried to link current USD account to PayPal to make a withdrawal, but PayPal refused to link that account. As I know, Payoneer offers a solution in such case so I wanted to ask for help. I tried to contact Support center 3 times, but only autoreply was received once and none of my request were stored. Maybe you you could help me with this issue? To remind, the last request sent was #200517-015909. Thank you in advance
    May 23
  • HamzaMalik

    Hello, I hope you are doing great . Siren between 16 may untill now , I had few payment requests from my international individual clients for my free lance services . I requested two payments in British Pounds and three payments in US dollars . Now on 22 may , payoneer emailed me this :

    Dear Hamza Malik,
    We have reviewed the information you recently provided about your line of business.
    Unfortunately, we have determined that your specific line of business is not eligible for the following payment services: Request a Payment, Payments initiated by clients.
    Reason for ineligibility: The sale of goods to consumers through an online shop and/or marketplace is not supported under our Terms & Conditions. See our FAQ for more information .
    Right after receiving this email , I checked the status of my payment request. Out of those payments , Two with the bristsh currency were declined , but the remaining ones are still being processed by payoneer .

    May 22
  • Nanda
    Hello, Gianmarco
    Can you help me activate Global payment service? I started to sell at Amazon and want to receive my payments with Payonner.
    my client ID:36897081
    my phone number: +55 21996992598
    Thanks in advance.
    May 19
  • mtanvirsajib
    Hello, can you please help me how can I add Payoneer account with my Ezoic publisher account. I saw in many posts here that you have helped lot of people regarding this issue. thanks
    May 18
  • yvenright
    I have not yet received the global payment service
    ID: 33467742
    May 16
  • ismailam

    Kindly assist me and treat my request
    ref 200512-026035.
    Thank you

    May 16
  • Myfavorite


    How can I order for a new card to the replace the one that expired some years back.

    I had no funds in my account then which was why I didn't reorder for a new card, but now I have some funds in my account but can't withdraw to my local account because of the expired card.

    Kindly help.


    May 16
  • usama091

    Can i Run Facebook ads by payoneer App?

    May 15
  • ismailam

    Please, I need a Federal Community Savings Account to tie to my PayPal account. The provided bank details in the Global Payment Service are not going through. My ID is 15157919

    May 15
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    May 15
  • Fii

    Customer ID is 37040273

    May 14
  • Fii

    Hello @GianmarcoPayoneer
    This is a follow up for account verification which I submitted details on the 12th of May and you haven't responded yet. You are also requesting for the business details which I don't run. Kindly not that my account is personal not a business account. The money was paid on 1st.
    I want to know why you are not verifying my payment account.
    Thank you.

    May 14
  • ben_rim666

    Hello @GianmarcoPayoneer.. can you please respond to my last message that i have put in the community .. you have replied to everyone except me and this is really an important matter..

    May 13
  • Umair_ashfaq

    6csr6segnoec.png "")

    my payment is in pending

    May 13
  • Umair_ashfaq

    hello Gianmarco
    my payment is pending from last 8 days
    i have already contact with support and forums but no answer
    plz look into my matter
    i recieved payment from shutter stock and its in pending status

    May 13
  • Syed_Awais

    Whats the issue I did not receive my payment my client send me on 8 may still showing in pending.

    May 13

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