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Hi folks. If you have a question or concern please make sure you send me a private message, instead of posting here on my wall. It will allow me to respond to your question quickly. Thank you!


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  • Jellie

    Hi @KazPayoneer , I need help in my account verification. I received an email saying that my Government ID was not accepted and i need to submit another ID again for verification to proceed and so my pending payments will also be deposited to my account. yet, when I open the verification center in my account, there is no option for me to submit/send my new ID. Can you help me with this? Thank you

    October 23
  • mfadlly
    please help me. i have issue about

    Upcoming transactions (3)
    Transactions that have not affected your balance yet

    what should i do with this case?
    October 21
  • Talha6425
    Hello @KazPayoneer

    My payment showing in pending. Please assist me in this case,

    How can I get my payment.

    Waiting for your kind response asap.

    Thank you!
    October 20
  • samratshakya
    Hi, I am having the same issue, I received payment on my expired card. But while I receive, $29.95 has been deducted automatically from the received payment as an annual fee. And when I check the status on the card it's still showing expired. So, How can I use the fund that is in my expired card? Please help me!! Please please, please.Do I need to request to order for new card? to withdraw the amount from the expired card or can we activate the old one?
    October 18
  • payonacc
    I Have uploaded my government issued identity card and my passport i dont know if my account is being approved and ready to use.
    CUSTOMER ID:40442003.
    October 17
  • dominikkledzinski
    I did a mistane in my date of birth and my account is locked. i can't log to by account, when im trying to contact the support im getting auto replies about creating new account... help me... pls
    October 17
  • Posheasel99
    Good day,
    Please I ordered for a new USD Card nd a Euro Card over a month ago and didn't get any response. I tried to contact Support but then the voice prompt would ask me to enter my customer ID number. After I did that, the voice would tell me that " No telephone is available to my number at this time"
    I made an effort to contact support through live chat but the system automatically cancelled the chat session and gives me an option to request for an email. The next thing, I get an automated email which reads thus:
    "Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer’s Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.

    We have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer Customer Care can no longer provide assistance for your account."

    This is very scary. What should I do?
    October 15
  • ayatAyat

    I have created account two weeks ago and my account is still under review. I provide all detail asked in verification center and still not got any reply. can you please let me know what is the issue?

    October 5
  • ayatAyat

    I have created account two weeks ago and my account is still under review. I provide all detail asked in verification center and still not got any reply. can you please let me know what is the issue?

    October 5
  • asadnoor123
    i need to cancel my pending transaction .

    29 Sep 2020
    wrong bank information
    October 4
  • carolfreire

    My payment has been pending since 26/09, I contacted Payonner who, through an automated message, asked for some details of the transaction and until today it has not solved anything. The payment is pending and does not appear on my balance and I need my money. I am extremely upset with this site that does not answer emails and does not help to solve.

    October 4
  • asadnoor123
    i want to cancel the pending transfer to my bank . because the bank information is not correct , can u help with that ?
    October 4
  • ahmadalhelly
    Kindly, Respond to my message.
    October 1
  • njsantana
    Hi @KazPayoneer and Payoneer Team, my Customer ID is 23207230, Ticket #200928-006571

    I would like someone from support helps me and add the Community Federal Savings Bank to my Global Payment Services.

    Right now, only i had First Century Bank and having issues to link this account for some services as Upwork where is rejected, and actually need get a compatible account in order to get fast availability of my funds.

    I need urgently as soon as possible "Community Federal Savings Bank" to my Global Payment Services, I tried by several days contact via the Support system (live chat, phone, support center, facebook, instagram, twitter) and i dont get human response, only get auto replies.

    Need ASAP Community Federal Savings Bank" to my Global Payment Services.

    September 28
  • Salai
    Hello, Can I edit payment due date? Because there was overdue payment. Or can i cancel pending transaction payment and refund money back to my client bank account.
    September 26
  • joynal218
    Hello Payoneer Support Team,
    I am very happy to be a member of the Payoneer. I opened my Payoneer Account on 12 September 2020. I also submitted Smart National Identity Card by scanned PNG file on the same date. But still now (25 September 2020) my submitted file "Smart National Identity Card" and "Other legal document" are not approved, show as "Under Review"
    Now what I have to do or what is the solution please inform me. I need this account argent for transaction.
    Please check my account and give me solution to Approve.
    Your regard,
    Md. Joynal Abedin
    Customer ID 39911518
    September 25
  • Margaret82monday

    Please I need your help, I tried transferring money to someone's local bank for a month now the transaction is still pending. I would really appreciate if the money can be refunded to my account.

    September 22
  • Honeyan
    I have created account two weeks ago and my account is still under review. I provide all detail asked in verification center and still not got any reply. can you please let me know what is the issue?
    September 21
  • nicolas996
    How to send you private message?
    September 17
  • adewale05

    recently joined payoneer, my homepage shows three account balance USD, EUR & GBP. But i can only find receiving account for USD & GBP, no EUR. Global payment service is available and i can request for CAD and JPY accounts. How can i get EUR account.

    September 15
  • shafiquecbl
    sir i submitted my passport 6 months ago but its still under review. Also i have withdrawal funds from fiver and they are also under review and showing in upcoming transactions. please solve this issue as soon as possible i have to pay my university fees
    September 16
    I got min 2 month of stressful unfixed not cared permanent account block I had been in Payoneer for 4 years I don't deserve this abuse with automated bot email reply. In my case I am %100 right but not cared I want to talk to someone who can understand my side who have got power level to do about it. (Note I am not the who “I want to speak your manager “ I really need to speak higher staffs because your customer care not have power and they keep saying same thing we can’t help). I even trying to save your company money because of that scammer success to scam Payoneer with his lies. But you can thx to your security team who not even care case not ask my side correctly or not even care to listen to me. This make Payoneer pay *** $ to scammer. I am really shocked at this point…
    Here’s the summary https://community.payoneer.com/en/discussion/70350/2-months-stressful-unfixed-not-cared-permanently-account-blocked#latest
    September 14
  • sgooorel

    Hi there, I'm unable to see my routing number

    September 10
  • moustafa678

    I am ebay seller and i would like to connect my payoneer bank account to my Paypal account. the only way to do that is with the community federal account, can you please ass a community federal bank account to my existing account .

    Your Customer ID: 39807325
    Reference Number: 200907-027879

    September 8
  • habibjion69

    Hi, I need help, it says that your account access appears to be restricted, how to solve this problem please, it's urgent.
    Full name: MD HABIBUR RAHMAN
    Date of birth: July 10 1997
    Your Customer ID is 39785735

    September 7
  • AbdullahMunir
    Hi there,
    I am unable to find the ''Global payment service'' option on my Payoneer Account.
    My Customer ID is- 39683314. I have provided the required information and documents in the verification center tab.
    September 7
  • niko1327
    Hello Morga , I order my payoneer card on 19 Aug 2020 , but still it is on pending , why it is not approved ?
    August 31

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