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  • Elenap

    Why is my money in payoneer in pending mode for a week now?

    January 14
  • punya

    Sir, I lost my original documents of my citizenship and in the mean time I got my payment pending in payoneer. It's my new account and it very often asks for national id card. I tried with the Xerox copy of it but it is rejected every time!! Need your suggestions!

    January 8
  • Wendel

    How my account dont have globle payment

    December 2019
  • Yared20

    SIr, I'm having a problem finding the "Global Payment Services" Under the "Receive" tool bar. I have submitted every detail of my profile and have been verified. Please help!!!

    December 2019
  • CvH

    Good day,
    Ticket number: 191212-004546
    Kindly add a Community Federal Savings Bank account to my profile, I need to use it for payment from Paypal, the First Century Bank account won't work with them. I've got a card linked that has been verified by PayPal. Thank you!
    Client ID: 35293184

    December 2019
  • MiljanG
    Hello KazPayonner. It has been 22 days since my transaction and still I don't see money on my accounts, on my personal or foreign currency account. So please check again, my ID is 33863117.
    December 2019
    • MiljanG
      And this is my Transaction ID 163508298.
  • panfil3

    Hi. How can I order a new card with Paypass? It says in my account that I already have a card (but it doesn`t have paypass), can I get a new card for free? and how do i do this? thank

    December 2019
  • Denisebobadilha
    Hi! I'm having big trouble to receive a payment. I don't know what else to do. No chat channel, no telephone in my country (Brazil) - and I'd not like to pay for an expensive international call to solve this. The only reply I get is a standard answer saying that "The following s.... payment could not be processed because we require additional information that was not provided in time.". The client has done everything that was asked. The account is open for much more than 3 business days. And still nothing
    December 2019
  • naimaa

    how i can contact them !!!

    December 2019
  • Kirill1123
    My passport photo is not accepted, why? My name in service Kirill Zverev. Please answer me to [email protected]
    December 2019
  • ahmeddev125
    Is payoneer transfer card through TCS or through post?
    November 2019
  • rizwanaliskp

    yes i have submitted all requirement documents.

    November 2019

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