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  • I have Lifted Limits and All Goes Wonderful Now. 
  • Salaaam Everyone, Just need to ask you guys who are getting Withdrawals via PayPal. I want to ask if any one has experienced to add a payoneer debit card to paypal for increasing withdrawl limit? I had added the card but it is not yet verified by paypal.I want to ask you should i go for its addition as i am also frustrated…
  • OK Thanks Brother :)
  • Hello Fellows I just have a question from any one experienced. I want to ask if Old Payoneer Customers Can Withdraw From Their PayPal. Like If They Have Already added their Bank and Card into Their PayPal and Its Still Their. I Know New Customers Cant use Payoneer with PayPal. Please Give a Solid Answer. Thanks in Advance.
  • Withdrawn 180,000 Today From Samba Bank Cost me 94 Rupees/$ Thinking to Experience LBT Services From Payoneer. :stuff:
  • I think i should stop withdrawing for few days, let the Dollar on stable rate.
  • I Recently Withdrawn 40000 Rupees From Samba Bank and it cost me unexpectedly. 2 Transactions Made. Each 20000== $214.59 20000==$214.59 Hence i got the lowest dollar rate of 93 after calculation. :thumbsd:
  • Yes , All Merchants pe use hota hai and no payoneer fee using at POS. Great option to use it on stores.It wil give you a Good Dollar rate.
  • Great Job and will have pleasure if get the new separate section for Pakistanis. Thanks
  • Last time Jab me ne Withdraw kia tha to first at the time of transaction payoneer ne mujhse 201.32 i think deduct kia tha for 20000. But Jab Maine 2 Din K bad Apni TRX History Check Ki To Mujhe 20000 k 203.52 Charge Hue Thay
  • I agreed and today dollar interbank rate is 102.2PKR, and exchange rate is 100.95pkr. Sweeping down day by day lets see how much it comes down. 
  • Khair , Jiska Buiseness Hai Online Woh To Achi Khasi Earning Kar Sakta Hai , Lekin Jo work Ker K earn Karta Hai Uske Liye Kafi Tough Ho Jata Hai, Minimum Dollar Rate 100+ Get Ho To He Worthy Hai Otherwise a bit Low. Well Pakistan me Jitna Dollar Rate Down Hoga Waisay He Products Ki Prices Down Hongi I suppose. Hope so…
  • @Kiani , Yepp Yeh Bhi Sahi Hai. Acha Ap Ebay Pe Products Sale Karte Hain? Or What Kind of Online Buiseness Do You Run?
  • Wonderful App, I have installed and using it in my android Galaxy note 3 and it works pretty nice, Specially its new look and new control pannel updated features and Also payoneer put the Full Fledged Featured App. I love this App. :goodjob: :thumbsu: :thumbsu: As per my suggestion the PIN should autosave the password. and…
  • I hope that prices of Goods also sweep down. Lets see in Few more days.
  • Oh Yeah , i come to know now. interbank rate is 103 thats why i was charged more. Well Dollar is sweeping down gradually and well it will be a loss for us i think. The people who get dollars not for the rest of the people.
  • Today i have made 4 Transactions 3 of 20000 & 1 of 10000 Rupees. Here are the results. and these are not Good for me. I am Wondering , SAMBA BANK is Also Charging Withdrawl Fee i Think. 20000====== $201.52 20000====== $201.52 20000====== $201.52 10000======$102.33
  • Always try to withdraw 20,000 Rupees , Its my opinions, hence you will take a good rate of dollars and you will also never face a withdrawl decline problem. And Withdraw from SAMBA BANK if its possible for you people.
  • @Nissim I am also adding my prepaid payoneer debit card but it is still giving me that issue. I have double checked my first name last name and i also have alot money in my Payoneer Still getting this error.Please tell me why is this? "We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you…
  • Kiani, as per Your withdrawls u should have test a bank transation.
  • May bd there is something missing by the payoneer end. Local bank transfers cant be instant it would take time and may be the payoneer dept forgot to process between transactions. well if we withraw heavy amounts we will have a very good rate. I ll let u knw whenever i have my bank transaction
  • @Master Shani 1$ = 100.50 When You Withdraw RS.20000 Through Samba Bank Due To Withdrawl Charges By Payoneer itself. And Still There is no option To Get More Than This. Dollar InterBank Rate is 105.5 This Does not Mean That You Will Get That. Because 3% Exchange Rate And The Withdrawl Charges Also So All the Deductions…
  • Hi Romi and All The Fellow Guys, Its Great to Have such a nice forum learned alot just within couple of days. Payoneer is a Great service and very much affordable. Relieved All Our Tensions. And The Samba Bank in Pakistan Also Helped Alot While Withdrawing. Gives a very Good Dollar rate in Local Currency (Rupees). I…
  • * ATM Withdrawl From Samba Bank Today * Withdrawl $170. * Got Cash17000 * So in this Withdrawl I Have Got 1$ = 100 PKR * Here is the Snapshot. Waiting For Some one Who Withdraws His Money Into Local Bank Account From Payoneer. And Lets Se What Dollar Rate He Gets.
  • Today Withdrawl Of 20000 Rupees From SAMBA BANK = 199.08 1$ Value = 100.46 SAMBA SAVES ALOT.