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  • don't worry, you will get the money into your payoneer account.

The old bank was First Century and changed to Bank Of America however old account is still working and i'm still using it and made several withdraw with no problem.
  • Please let me know once everything went fine.
  • dude, 10th Oct. was Friday so take into your consideration that Saturday and Sunday are vacations ... So i would expect your account get loaded at Monday night.
  • dude,  .. 
Quote from paypal support email " 
 (Section 14. (Disclaimers), “The US Payment Service is not a bank account in the United States and funds received on your behalf are not FDIC-insured.”) as per the Payoneer US Paym…
  • Guys, We fucked up lol
  • > @rustam143 said: > Is existing old bank accounts of payoneer will work normal ? I've the same question .. and this is very important to know ?? Yet i've got no problem with paypal but i'm afraid when i do withdraw, it gets stuck s…
  • Updates : After got fully approved, my funds which was marked as waiting for approval immediately loaded into my card and now i'm happy to say i've request order to get the card via DHL since my fund cover all fees.   Thanks everybody for helping.
  • Thank you all "Payoneer team" and i really do understand that payoneer is doing awesome work and have too much daily transactions/applications and the team work is working so hard to gets everyone satisfied.   Now i've got  This message …
  • They said my website is "down" while reviewing it ! but i do not think this is good reason for put my funds on waiting for approval then takes days for reply and more days on reply on their reply ...   I think it was better not to send …
  • Well, do not you think this is little bit wired !   How i did not get USPS approved if they send me the informations which i've used to withdraw funds from paypal   Now are you telling me i'm not yet got approved ! after i made my 1st withdraw !…

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