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  • If your scanned documents keep getting rejected, take a clear photo of the document using your smartphone camera and send them the image file unedited (do not resize it or modify it in any way). Also turn on two-step verification and verify your phone number. Hope that helps!
  • It's very risky to enable two-step verification and then not be able to login to your account because you're not getting the SMS message.
  • I think there is a problem with the automated SMS messaging system they are using. Sometimes the SMS message does not arrive and this happened with me before. Someone from Payoneer should look into it.
  • @Imnotarobot - I still have not received any new payments after they said that new payments will be loaded onto the card. I just took their word for it. Are new payments being added to the virtual balance? If so, and if they provide no option to move funds from the balance to the card, then I should start complaining too!…
  • Please stop the spam! This isn't very helpful. Here's a quote from Payoneer's Twitter regarding this issue: "Payoneer has enabled all activity. Due to the sudden increase in demand, the banks and financial system has imposed some limits within specific countries." It looks like everyone is panicking and withdrawing as much…
  • What a relief! Now, in case Payoneer decide to issue new cards later, then please allow users to continue using the current card until the new one is received and activated. Regular mail delivery can take a lot of time, especially under current global lockdown measures. Some users need to withdraw their payments regularly…
  • No one yet knows when the new cards will be issued, when they will be shipped, and when they will be delivered given the fact that mail delivery worldwide has been going much slower lately due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even if they find a new issuer and start printing new cards soon, do you think they can print and ship…
  • BTW, there will be a live Q&A by Launchese with one of Payoneer's reps tomorrow. Maybe they will bring up this issue. Keep an eye on their twitter for the exact time:
  • I don't mind continuing to use the current card for future payment withdrawals at my own risk. It's better than waiting for a new card, which probably won't be received for another month or two. At the very least, enable this option for users who don't have an active bank account linked to their Payoneer account.
  • @LauraPayoneer - Why are my comments being held for moderation? Please approve my last comment!
  • @nobodycaresaboutus - Take it easy there! I know how stressful this is, and hopefully Payoneer will see that and re-enable the option to withdraw new payments through the card. I don't know if any of their reps has seen this thread, but I hope the message has reached them!
  • Hello, Like everyone else I got the bad news about my Payoneer card being temporarily out of service and I am freaking out! I don't have any other means of withdrawing payments and my bank is not accepted by Payoneer. The card was my only lifeline, and now it's gone for who knows how long! But I have a suggestion which I…
  • I sure hope it's not as bad and gloomy as the above post suggests! BTW, there's a difference between Wirecard AG and Wirecard Card Solutions Limited (the UK subsidiary that handles Payoneer's prepaid cards). The latter seems less affected by the scandal, but who knows what's at stake at this point? And regarding future…
  • They did not specify this in their email. The statement sounds general regarding "any" future payments. Maybe they can simply redirect card payments to the virtual account. I don't know all the technical details, but they can enable companies to transfer payments to the user's balance instead of the card account, which we…
  • > @webworkman said: > Do you read what I am telling you? I got money this morning, after freezing, and I can not whitdraw it. My guess is that if the payment is sent to your card account then it gets frozen, but if it's sent to your virtual balance then you should be able to withdraw it. The question is; how do you have…
  • Did you read the official announcement email sent by Payoneer? Here's a direct quote: "Any future payments that you receive from marketplaces, platforms and clients will not be affected by the freeze. You can sign in to view your funds, and you can now add your bank account for withdrawal of your future incoming payments."…
  • No one is talking about losing the money yet. All official announcements talk about a temporary suspension of card services. My main concern right now is how long this temporary freeze will last, and no one seems to have an answer to this. My suggestion is to offer another card withdrawal option for future payments by…
  • I'm talking about future payments.