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  • @Adam_Payoneer <br>Hello, in my case, the bank has already reversed the transaction; Money credited back on my account the same day; "automatically".<br>But more than 7 business day now since the Pre-Autorization has still not be cleared and released. What to do?
  • @Manolete; @Melisa What if the merchant has sent back the money (credit the account with the same amount)? Why the outstanding authorization is still not "released"? More than 7 business days now i'm waiting for the Pre Authorisation to be cleared. The bank has sent back the money on my account, isn't this enough as proof…
  • The process is automated so once you receive a few payments the service will become enabled. few is vague ! approximately how many payments from Payoneer Partners are required to be eligible to Private Load service? what amount in total ?
  • Ok, Be sure to send it to my email linked to payonner account ([email protected]), i 've still got nothing Thanks for your support and explanations, my card has been loaded
  • Ok, thanks for the support. I will try withdraw tomorrow. But i had still not received any mail talking about promoting my link on websites. Which websites? so i can start investigating and know what to do to get it removed.
  • So, which means i will not be able to withdraw soon. A client from ELANCE is waiting for me to perform a job. And he sent me $59 for the fees (i will get my reward once the job done). Now he is thinking i ran away with his money and he is about to file a dispute. What can i do? lose the job on ELANCE and also the money?
  • How often this standard protection procedure occurs ? monthly ? i didn't receive any mail regarding promoting my link.. on which website did you find it ?
  • I would like to know if this is a random control : my account has been picked up randmly or all accounts are under review? i would like to know , so i can avoid this situation for next times. And so will the private load service availaible? thanks for the quick reply