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  • are you serious? how can you just give your info to some guys???
  • i have tried DIB it doesnt work. tried HSBC several time as well but it didnt work either. as for your payment most of the time it reverts back automatically. if it doesnt then contact payoneer. local bank can not help in this situation.
  • i think its a false hope. things mostly get worse here.. i remember when MCB put a limit, some one emailed them as well and their reply was kind of same that its temporary etc.. most of these bankers dont know any thing about new rules and regulation. i remember when IBAN was introduced here i went to my bank and asked for…
  • Another bad news SBP has decided to impliment biometric fingerprint scanner on ATMs and banks are required to open new accounts through biometric process. existing account holders will also have to update their finger prints. this will be implimented by mid 2016 if this is the case then bye bye to Payoneer because Payoneer…
  • Yes this service is very much needed. if all Banks Block Payoneer ATM cards then its a loose loose situation for both the Parties. Payoneer wont get business from us and we will be deprived of a service. so please look into this. Thanks.
  • So for now only 2 Banks are working SCB and Alfalah Bank right? MCB still has that PKR 10,000/- limit or has that been removed? @Nissim i wonder what Payoneer is doing about it? if they just open up the wire-transfer services that will be great! cant Payoneer contact any of the banks and form a deal or contract with any of…
  • Hello, i am getting this error, when i login i am transferred to a page which asks for information "In order to continue to your Payoneer account, please update the following information:" but their are no fields present on that page and "Submit" button is greyed out so how do i update my information?
  • Payoneer is increasing its fees, previously there was no charges on POS transactions. coming April there will be same charges as ATM.
  • I have been using Payoneer since 2009, it has helped me a lot. but now it seems its getting very hard to get payment from Payoneer. previously you could get payment from Standard Chartered Bank (some branches), RBS (which is closed), CitiBank (also closed), MCB (now has withdrawal limit), only bank left is Samba bank which…