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  • Hello, Friend sent me a message that it is unable to connect accounts US Payment Service and PayPal. This is a response from PayPal: You are unable to add the Bank of America because it has been disabled after our system recognized that it was a prepaid bank. For security reasons, we do not encourage adding a prepaid bank…
  • I'd love to all who have that problem report here and confirming the same problem and to Payoneer see how many us have the same bad situation. Payoneer please try to find a solution for us.
  • Very terrible situation I think Payoneer team need to find a solution for this and someone to talk to PayPal and find the best solution for all of us. Of ten people who open Payoneer only one or two users succeed to register US Payment Service on PayPal. It is very bad statistics. I do not understand why they do not accept…
  • I think this is a very serious problem and someone should react. This will reflect badly on all as well on all users and on Payoneer also because this prevents us mere mortals to continue to receive honestly earned money.
  • Hi itvseoinc, I do not understand is this official notice to all or just your opinion? I'd like that some of administrators give statement on this topic because this is not a problem that has a minority user group this has majority user group and it very important that this be resolved. We all eagerly await the the answer…
  • Hi Sivan, thanks for the reply! You said: ''requesting assistance with adding a new bank account''. Each Payoneer card has only ONE US Payment bank account. (for that needs to submit a request and waits until ten days more or less) When you approve it then we can connect it with PayPal. Why is selective rejection of who…
  • This is currently the most important thing because everyone will have a problem with this. Please Payoneer solve this problem as soon as possible.
  • If you ''changed'' PIN via site you have to wait 24 hours.
  • Open your Account\Profile click on Receive Patments in the top menu and then My US Payment Service Profile...Scroll the page down and you will see all.

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