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  • Need Virtual Bank Account Hi there, I am from Cambodia, I have been a seller on Plimus for over a year and on 2Co for A few months. I've got wire transfer from them previously and now got Payoneer Master Card and have used it 3 times to get payments from 2co. Now I need US Payment Service to withdraw the cash from Pay…
  • Hi Nissim, I hope this will be solved within the time frame you mentioned above and I hope to be able to withdraw the cash from fiverr as soon as possible! Thanks and best regards, Janny
  • Hi David, Thanks for your reply! Here's the second ticket I sent: LTK529021144050X This ticket returned with the automatic answer telling me to wait 30 minutes and login again, but it sounds not like that, I still can not log in until now... Anyway, My first ticket is not appeared on my email while on payoneer contact form…
  • Thanks for you reply, I've just emailed you.... Best regards, Janny
  • Hi, Thanks for you response. Anyway, do you think that Payoneer or first century bank accepts paypal from different name but the same surname? I have search many forums where most of them can withdraw without any issue unless the bank does not accept the transaction due to different name. Next time, I'll ask my brother to…
  • Hi again, Thanks, I've bee approved now. One more think: My brother also have paypal account and would like to withdraw cash into my Payoneer US Payment Service, Is it possible if the name is different between Paypal & Payoneer Card? Please advice! Thanks, Thearith
  • Hi David, I've got your email and will answer the questions and send you back asap! Thanks for your fruitful support! warmest regards, Thearith