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  • Nissim, Chat Live at CS is still closed..It never been open from the very start i use it and still i cannot contact the phone hotline number. It is impossible for me to reach them. Is there any offices here at Philippines with a phone number to contact with and can help me? Or anything option that can possibly help me…
  • Nissim, I did got your PM in my email and yes i will do what you told me first thing Sunday Morning here and reach your CS live and call them. If ever i hope like you says can assist me if i cannot reached them out. If so and i know things will be in place soon i thank you in advance. If ever i will transfer or load my…
  • Nissim, Here's the latest ticket number i have LTK145033601512X for you can track my inquiry about my PIN number. I have been deducted $ 20.95 for the fee to load my funds into my payoneer card but since i dont have the PIN i cannot withdraw it. If ever i will transfer my funds into a payoneer card how much it will cost me…
  • Nissim, I understand the privacy of the card holder etc. How come in 10 days i cannot contact any of your live chat agent and always offline or closed, calling your hotline support always busy as well. Anyways, how many days do i have to wait for me to have my PIN send to my email so i can credit/withdraw my funds into my…
  • Nissim, Thanks for the reply but i did always call the hotline and it is always busy always sending mail from contact support but it is not reliable since i am contacting them 10 days now and always telling me to send mail and call the hotline. I cannot do a purchase as i need that note to be share to my down line for…

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