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  • Why does no one reply via support? I now have 3 open support tickets all with no replies in the last 72 hours, so now I am writing in the forum in the hope that someone will make the effort to help a long term existing customer.

    My PayPa…
  • New Virtual Account did not work. Returned Failed from bank. I have PM'd you - feeling really desperate as still no resolve. :( please help
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    And to anyone else reading this - support is a bit slow here which I understand as Payoneer informed me they are quite busy - but they did go the extra mile to help me resolve this issue - kudos to them!
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    You are a lifesaver. Sorry if this thread seemed agro, but when your entire finances seem threatened due to PayPals odd policies it can be quite scary.

    Waiting to confirm now, so all should be in order, thank you …
  • Yes - but I do not have the virtual details required to approve it - so either I need to get those from you (or you try), or somehow try use my own (which I doubt will work) or get a new virtual account. Unless you guys can think of any other way? T…
  • just got a response, so you were right on that - at least I did not have to wait until monday ;)

    Unfortunately one of the worst support response ev…
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    not even a response in 2 business days as a policy, I wish I had that flexibility with our support. Pity your support is not as good as your forum response time wise. Also seems this is a recurring problem looking around this…
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    Well, you need a credit card or TAX number for the US and UK - this is needed when setting up Google Checkout, and then once your account is active you can add the virtual bank account as a payment option. But it is setting u…

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