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  • I'm in a similar business so i can give you some ideas what could happen: 1. Sad to say but looking from hosting point of view your country is on the list for potential scam or some other unwanted activities. Nothing to do with you and i assume you will find this unfair but i'm telling you how is the situation. 2. You IP…
  • @ivan74 This is not acceptable. I'm from EU and you are right when it comes to share private client informations. Almost all my contracts with clients contain a NDA and by sharing any details even the payment it would put me on the "nice" spot to be sued.
  • I dont have any problem with PayPal. Maybe the reason is from what country you are and PayPal changed their policy with your country.
  • To add funds on your PP you must use your Payoneer card not bank. Bank can only receive payments and transfer to your card.
Does your friend live in same country as you?
  • Open a ticket with support and see what an be done. You could try with live chat if the situation is urgent.
  • Yesterday PayPal reported they had several problems on their service maybe your case is somehow connected with this. Wait one more day and then try again if not open a ticket with Payoneer, they should be able to see what was the problem.
  • Wait you want to say you lost your card, username, password and email? I have hard time to believe this is somehow true and i think something else is behind your story.
  • Never used that site but your suggestion can work only if they allow to have different currencies and more than one bank so you can send your money to different accounts. If you cant then you must check your previous payments and see if you got payed more in USD or EUR and then decide what payment service is better, one…
I dont see your point here. All this data can be check from anyone who have the right to access such informations. If i got Visa from XXX bank and i want to pay some other bank they can see who is the owner of the card, card number, bank who gave me the card and even the account what is connected with my card. All…
  • Without knowing what it say in the email and complete header is hard to say if is legit, what i can tell you that email is not from Payoneer. It could be that company who you sent your email is using this as some sort of automatic reply but then again we dont know to who you originally sent your email. Hard to make any…
  • Payoneer card have withdrawal limit of 2.500USD/day but there is a chance to hit ATM limit before that what depends on the ATM and local law. You cant hide who is behind your bank account or card, or even the name who is the owner of previous two things. Every bank who is the owner of ATM can check and see this information…
  • @TristanP The main reason why PP is implementing SEPA is because of fees. Just take this example, if i want to send 50EUR to some X bank in Germany it will cost me between 25-30EUR (no, its not a joke) and from same X bank in Germany to my Croatian bank it will be 2EUR... maybe 3. Keep in mind i didnt calculate exchange…
Log in your Payoneer account -> Account settings -> Edit profile.
  • @Nissim few months after your post and we still dont have any solution for this. Payoneer should at least make available to receive CC payments from companies. I understand there are many reasons why private payments with CC could be a problem but at least one from companies should be accepted. I'm sure Payoneer could even…
  • Payoneer card is prepaid card you should try to transfer your money to your bank account and if you need to load your PayPal then use your card.
  • @TristanP the point is that PayPal is still discriminating against some countries and the reason is only know to them. This doesnt have anything to do with SEPA its just they do not accept Croatian banks. You are right about other payment services aside of PayPal, for example 2co but with higher fees and frankly thats it.…
If you ask what details you should use with US/EU payment service: your name + bank details. 
No, only way is over Payoneer website and/or android/iphone application.
  • Great news @Sivan . It would be nice if you could add little more options like more precise time when someone posted and maybe a option to sort new post/topics by date. Now when i click on Recent Topics i get little mixed up situation.
Open a ticket and politely ask Payoneer if they could do something to 
speed up a little your transactions and dont forget to explain why is 
this important to you. Wait few days and see what support will tell you. 
Of course i know for Ukraine. Well i'm sorry but we all know right now the situation in…
  • Thats why you never empty your account and its smart to leave some percentage just to be sure you will not get into any problems. I'm sure that exchange rate can go up an down but in one - two weeks what that can be? Maybe 2-3% up to 5% and in rare cases 10% but then we speak about some really bad event going on, e.g.…
  • Some people have waited 4-5 days some others 10+. I think it depends how much work Payoneer have and probably few other things. I would say wait 7-10 days and if nothing new pop out then open a ticket and ask for your situation.
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  • Payoneer is not only one. Whatever service you are going to use they will always take into account exchange rate when actual exchange is occurring. When i move my money from PayPal to my bank account (not payoneer) PP and my bank will apply exchange rates at different days. For example i have on PP USD and my bank account…
  • I tested Zoho Invoice and must say it looks great plus payments can be integrated with the invoice, e.g. if i link my PayPal with Zoho Invoice once the invoice is done the client will get over email my invoice in PDF with a link inside the document to PayPal. So its similar how you link PayPal to your website, e.g.…
  • Well there are plenty of payment processors like PP. You have 2co, Skrill, Stripe, Braintree... just to name few of them what people recommend as secure and good. Payoneer on other side was made to facilitate payments mainly for freelancers especially one who at that time could not use any payment processor. If one day…
  • @TristanP Are you sure? Because what i remember i was never able to add anything to my PP what PP didnt made some sort of verification. For CC or DC will not work without CCV code so i dont see how anyone could use your card for his/her PP. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  • > @dend said: > Hello, > > I've found the same issues reported by many PayPal users on PayPal community forum: they are not able to use their bank account with PayPal as someone has already linked their bank account. In many EU countries PayPal doesn't process bank account verification, thus anyone can link any bank…
  • noormohd45 check this topic and last 3 post, starting with mine: "General Feedback -> PayPal does not accept US Payment Service no more?"
  • Hey TristanP. I have both US and EU payment service with Payoneer but its all about PP. My fiancee have PP (longer than me) and same situation with her PP. Only option we have is to add a bank from USA as details we can put in are from USA banks. CC are ok and for what i saw we can use almost any CC but not the bank. I…
  • Almost same thing happened to me. I have PP account and i wanted to link Payoneer US bank but i got that usual message from PP "cant be done right now". So i try next day and day after and then i just let it go for 2 or 3 days. Yesterday just out of curiosity i try one more time and guess what... i got forwarded to confirm…
  • Hello Payoneer comunity, I would like to share some of my thoughts about Payoneer. First i would like to say that in 3 support live chats i had i'm happy how they sort all my questions, doubts and problems. Right now i dont have any bad thing to say and to be honest representatives on live chat were always nice and…