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  • Yes, GoDaddy accept Payoneer MasterCard Card. But there $0.99 .com domain offer is only for USA,Canada or UK people, and also only for new customer. So you can't use Payoneer Card for purchasing $0.99 .com domains. Another thing is; GoDaddy has other great offer's coupon code for .com domains for as low as $2.49 and you…
  • Confusion? I clear it here. You only need the verification amount (a small deposit) if your PayPal account setup with USA address. Outside USA PayPal don't need to verify with that small deposit. And yes outside PayPal can't be verified by using 'Payoneer US Payment Service', you must verify your Credit/Debit Card to get…
  • WOW great help ! My ticket LTK121530896090X is no longer needed to response. I had the same problem about Moneybookers verification, but now solved and my Card verified.
  • You can verify your Paypal using US virtual account only when your Paypal billing address in USA {Edit} Have fun !
  • Dear Talia, Please take a quick look at Ticket# LTK52903502622X. I have completed a transaction, but Payoneer have a mistake and that transaction again appeared as waiting for approval. I do not want same transaction twice. Thanks.
  • Yes it's easy. When any Payoneer Card holder need to send money to other Payoneer Card, go here: Or if you have a US virtual bank account powered by Payoneer, you can send load request by email. Thanks.
  • Yes you can use Paypal from Bangladesh. But you need an US virtual bank account powered by Payoneer. In order to apply for US bank account, you must have transaction more than three from Payoneer's partner. More transaction is better. If you have transaction more than three with any partner of Payoneer's, then submit your…
  • Thanks for declare it.

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