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  • NEVER EVER add another name account. The name on payoneer and Title of bank should be match.
  • If have foreign currency account in any pakistani bank than Opening account in Standard Chartered is very frustrating and fruitless. Try to open account in HBL or MCB. They both work great with payoneer bank transfer. If your are freelancer, then Bank only want to know source of income. Screen Capture your earning from the…
  • To test one of MCB atm machine withdraw in Karachi, after successful transaction found from ATM slip that they are deducting Rs. 800 Fee per transaction. Its better to use payoneer to bank account transfer.
  • I am using my HBL saving account, which is working great. Please note that minimum limit for withdrawing to bank is $100 in my case. You can contact support for further clarification.
  • To my knowledge, Askari, CitiBank, Samba Bank, Bank Al-falah, MCB and Standard Chartered, these were the banks, which were working with Payoneer card. Presently few branches of Standard Chartered, Bank Al-falah & MCB may be working, If anyone, still drawing money from any working bank branch, kindly share it for others.…
  • Add your local bank account to your payoneer account and transfer fund from you payoneer account directly into your local bank account. Funds will be in your account within few hours with good rate of exchange.
  • I am using old ATM machine and $1 is actually ATM machine decline fee, whether its bank al-falah or mcb. Once I accidentally enter amount greater then my payoneer balance and $1 deducted from my account for faulty/decline transaction. In short, if Bio-metric atm declining your transaction then don't use them, transfer your…
  • How much amount can we withdrawn from SCB ATM per session with 500/- ATM fee. Is it 20,000 or 25,000 or above? Presently Bank Al-falah ATM charges 250/- per session with maximum 20,000 withdrawal.
  • Below is BLUE Islamic banking branch as you can see from following pic and this picture is of RED conventional banking. if anyone know any working bank Al-falah atm in Kaerachi, kindly share it. Previously I was using Hyderi Branch, Progressive Plaza Branch and Agha Juice Branch for withdrawal but now none of them is…
  • I assume that your payoneer name and HBL account title are same and after entering proper account detail you have already received confirmation email from payoneer which say "You may now withdraw funds from your Payoneer account directly to your bank account.' If after all above, you receive this message than contact…
  • MCB and Al-falah branches atm , from where I used to withdraw money in past are no longer working now. Therefore, now using payoneer to bank transfer. If any user in Karachi, still using any ATM for cash withdrawal, then kindly share with us.
  • All bank are working fine. I have withdrawn to my MCB and my other friends are also successfully withdrawn to HBL, UBL. These are conventional banks and amount transfer within few hours. Dont't worry and add your UBL account.
  • Yes, it consider as payment from abroad and most pakistan banks treat it as "Home Remittance" (money send from abroad to relative through bank). Presently skrill to local pakistani bank payment shown in my statement as follow:- "xxx amount received through IBFT TRN ID xxxxx"
  • As many users in this forum already mentioned that some bank Al-falah, Standard Chartered and MCB bank Atms are still working but they are deducting 200-300 per transaction. I m in Karachi but try above name banks in your location, may be luckily you found some working one.
  • In previous month, I have successfully withdrawn some amount from bank al-falah, Hyderi branch, Karachi but tomorrow found that they have changed their atm machine now inserting card and pin code showing blue screen with error code. Beaumont branch and agha juice center, north nazimabad branch are also not working now.…
  • Thanks for update. Bank al-falah is also charging Rs. 300 per transaction, which was free before Jan 2017. Currently best option is to withdraw fund from payoneer to your local bank account.
Both bank will work. Last week, I used my HBL bank account and funds transfer within 2 days.
  • After withdrawal from payoneer to local bank, we receive an email that funds will be transfer within 4 days. At least we have to wait for this period and worry about transfer after 4 days. Anyway glad that you have received your payment. :)
  • Bank Al-falah has now charging Rs. 250 per transaction. In past, I mostly used beaumont bldg, Karachi Al-falah ATM for cash withdrawn but in Jan 17, first time seen blue screen with code on top left. Then I tried other 2 branches with same error . Finally got money from Hyderi branch, which asked me about 250 deduction. I…
Most ATM showing error and some Bank Alfalah atm in Karachi now charging Rs. 300 per transaction. Presently best option is withdrawal to local bank. You can withdraw any amount from $50 to $2000 to local bank (HBL, UBL, Bank al-habib, SCB etc. Not confirmed about meezan bank, once I asked them about transfer from…

Yesterday I tried 3 bank Al-falah ATM's. Two of them shown error while one branch shows message that 250 will be charge, proceed or not. I accepted and withdrawn money, ATM deducted 250. Next time I will used payoneer to local bank transfer. 
  • In the past, I was using my MCB bank for skrill withdrawals and each time remittance officer from my branch call me and ask me about purpose of remittance, nature of income etc. I already gave them in written that it is not home remittance but work remittance (freelance). Its come to my knowledge that not each mcb…
  • Thanks Kiani for update. BTW what is your bank?
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  • You have nothing to do, just wait. If after 3 days, your faulty transaction does'nt reverse then you have to contact payoneer support and file complaint. Bank can't do nothing in this situation and will tell you contact your issuer.
  • Good news. This service is now available for Pakistan.
I occassionally use skrill but their intermediary bank deduct 20-25 euro. Skrill also charges conversion fee from Dollar to Euro as skrill now send money to Pakitani banks in euro not in dollar .Finally if add skrill withdrawal fee to all above then skrill is more costly then payoneer. .
  • Most of the time, faulty transaction will be reverse automatically. Relax and wait.
net2nadeem you have just copy and paste information and calculation from
 my following comment replacing rates and figures. At least you should give
 credit to me. Comment posted in topic page 3 of "atm withdrawal in pakistan" By the way…
It happen to me once and deducted amount automatically reverse and come in payoneer account within 2 days. Bank manager can't help you in this regards. If within 2-3 days your faulty transaction is not reverse, then you need to contact payoneer support and have to file dispute. Wait 2 days, I hope it will be reverse.…
It is near agha juice, north namizabad block H. If u r coming from five star chorangi, then u will find it on the right side on main road, and if u r coming from landi cotal chorangi then u can see it on your left side. Hyderi branch is also near to this branch. Previous week, Hyderi branch atm was out of order, I…
Found following branches info from comment I am given same link here. I am in Karachi therefore have no experience. Sargodha ============ Sargodha Branch 91 C/2,University Road, Sargodha Chak No. 111 SB Chak No. 111 SB, Pull 111, Main Faisalabad…
  • DEAL BETWEEN BANK AL-FALAH AND MASTERCARD ========================================== Wondering why bank-alfalah is working without any hassle and problem. Here is official press release from master card. Nothing mentioned about payoneer.but at least we know that there is some deal between master and bank al-falah…
Yes, you need 4 transactions but before withdrawing deduct payoneer atm fee for each transaction. You can withdraw from Bank al-falah upto Rs. 200,000 ($2000) in one day and Rs. 20,000 per transaction. If you have exact $700 in your account than you can withdraw Rs. 68,000. (20,000+20,000+20,000+8,000) I have…
  • Walaikum Assalam From your post, it looks that MCB has increase limit from 10,000 to 20,000 but limit of 20,000 within 24 hours is still there alongwith Rs. 300 atm fee. As fadhi suggest, you can use BANK AL-FALAHa to withdraw $700 in four session from bank al-falah atm without any extra fee and with good rate of exchange.…
  • DIB : Dubai Islamic Bank ICBC : Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd Never tried these bank. HSBC ATM were accepting master card in past though I never tried it. In Oct 2014 Meezan bank has acquire HSBC branches and as we all know that Meezan Bank Atm does'nt support master card.
In karachi I have tried bank al-falah of Hyderi, Agha Juice, Beauomont plaza. MCB branches which I used in the past are north nazimabad, Abdullah Haroon, PIDC. Use previous year SCB, garden road branch, not know presently working or not. Samba bank is not accepting payoneer card anymore. Please note that presently…
1. Use bank Al-falah 2. After typing pincode, select Current or Checking Account 3. After deduction payoneer atm fee $3.15, you can withdraw $101, which equal to Pak. Rupee 10,000
  • Presently only Bank al-falah is giving good rate of exchange and per session limit is Rs. 20,000 Faisal bank is no more woking. Some SCB atms are working MCB has limit of Rs. 10,000 per atm during 24 hours with Rs. 300 charges.
  • Great news. As far as I know, Master Card pay annual fee to these bank for providing their card withdrawal service. May be, due to heavy use of samba ATM by payoneer users, Samba bank finally decided to monetize by way of Certification with MasterCard.
  • Thanks webdeem for update and info. Yesterday, I also ask my bank manager regarding ATM bio-metric machines and he replied that not all atms will be replaced but few specific ones, which depend on decision by bank management.
  • We desperately need this payment to our local account service. My vote for this request.
  • It is really disturbing news. BankIslami is the first bank, who are using biometric ATM. For general information, I have found following information from their web site for using such biometric atm. How to Use Biometric ATM Insert your One Card in the Biometric ATM machine Place your Right/Left thumb impression on the…
  • Here is actual news 
Biometric verification has been made mandatory for opening a new bank account and using ATMs by the State Bank of Pakistan. This applies to all private and government banks and will be in effect from January 2016.

All ATMs in the country will soon be fitted with…
  • May be Samba management has notice withdrawal of large amount at same time from atm. Normally bank accounts holder withdraw from atm one time under 20000. For eg if any payoneer user withdrawl Rs 60,000 then there are 3 transaction in sequence. These type of repetitive transactions can easily be catch. As we know MCB has…
Thanks for update.
Use bank al-falah, which is working perfectly. Read detail at follow. Good luck
  • This is technical question related to ATM hardware and software, but my suggestion is to reset your pin. I hope it will work for you.
After deducting atm withdrawal $3.15 from your balance, you have $107.85. Today rate is 99.90 therefore you may withdraw 10,500 (107.85 x 99.90 = 10,774). Please note to press CASH WITHDRAW in order to type 10500.
Don't press or click on FAST CASH. Look for "cash withdraw" or "other amount" then type your amount i.e 15,000. I already withdrawn wihdrawn 6,500 from bank al-falah. Each and every atm has such button/option for entering amount manually. I have done it on SCB, Samba, MCB and Bank Al-falah.
  • Payoneer support will better guide you in respect but It seems that this problem is related to your account and card therefore both banks showing same error. Contact support or reset your pin using live chat.
First of all from your transactions list, I see 7 1$ deduction amounting to $7. May be they are more because only last 7 $1 transaction are visible in your screen shot. $1 deductions show erroneous or faulty transaction. If ever atm give error on first attempt try another to save your $1. Who suggest you scb? Bank…
  • Welcome to community. Presently Bank Al-falah working great without 
any fee and with good rate of exchange. Following link has pdf 
attachment posted by U2Workers from which can find nearest bank al-falah for payoneer withrawl. Payoneer card…
Why you are not using bank al-falah? I withdraw yesterday from bank al-falah without any extra deductions with good rate of exchange.
  • I am not a forecaster. Have search net and found following dollar rupees history from 18 Feb 2015 to yesterday (i.e. 17 Aug 2015). You can see that dollar rate is constantly 101 for last 7 months. Therefore dear don't wait for increase, withdraw your amount as soon as…
  • ATM will never disburse cash in such a way. For your information, when atm deliver cash then cash will be remain out for few seconds, if you have not take your cash immediately within few seconds then atm will take cash in again. This has been told by one of my friend who is working in bank and handling atm machine.…
  • Hopefully your faulty atm transaction will be reverse in 2-3 days. Read my same experience in following topic. Another user alijange has same situation discuss in this topic. You can also read about it as follow…
  • For activating and receiving funds through US payments, you need to apply for it and fill Questionnaire and submit needed documents. Contact support for further detail
It is not clear what do you mean by "that space is not enough". If you mean that ATM slot can't handle to out 37000 notes than it is not true. Presently Meezan gold card user can withdraw Rs. 50,000 from their account using meezan atm. ATM can be program to give 5000 notes if big amount transaction needed. Bank…
  • Osman, you can try it out by yourself. During entering amount, type 25000 or 35000 and will you received message on ATM screen that amount exceeded the limit. Therefore you only have option to type amount equal or less than 20000. ATM machine can be program for implementing any limit. You may know that MCB has reduce their…
  • oceankool, Al-falah bank does'nt charge any extra fee and have good rate. MCB has some extra charges and has limitation of Rs. 10,000 in 24 hours. Some Al-falah branches atm work smoothly but some are giving error. Not have any information about alfalah branches in Gulshan e Iqbal
  • I mostly used Samba Bank, Press Club branch but from your post its looks that it is also not working. Very disappointing. I am expecting some money in few days, will check Samba Bank, press club. Thanks Qazi for update.
Thanks. May be some of samba bank branches have banned payoneer card.
Kiani your last withdrawal was of 23 July. User facing problem from Samba from 28 July 2015. See other topic Therefore confirm did your withdrawal from only SAMBA BANK…
  • Two more users are facing withdrawal problem from samba, mcb and scb My last withdrawal was on 24th July 2015 from Samba Bank, expecting some money around 10th of August. Very disappointing and frustrating situation. See what happens in next…
  • My last successful withdrawal was on 24th July 2015 from Samba Bank. Not have enough fund for checking current position.
  • Hopefully your transaction will be reverse. Read my experience in this regards at follow
  • Rs. 10,000 limit within 24 hours impose by MCB and they are also charging Rs. 300 per transaction. We all are using Samba Bank or Bank Al-falah. Both offer good rate and no session transaction fee. For further detail please read following forum.
POS stand for "Point Of Sale" All large store, many petrol pumps, restaurant etc have POS machine. For eg at any POS location, you purchase something and instead paying cash you give them your payoneer card, where person dealing with POS machine, sweep it in card reader, on successful transaction, amount will be…
Did you activated your card ? I have search net and found that payoneer is also issuing black card. 
In Karachi, I have tried 4 bank al-falah from which only 1 gave me error but others work perfectly. You should select CURRENT or CHECKING account. If one branch atm fails, try another one.
  • alijange 
 glad to hear about successful reversal of transaction. Thanks for update. Good luck with your future withdrawal :smile: 
It also happened to me once. ATM machine did'nt disburse amount instead I received voucher that transaction has been reversed, though my payoneer account under pre-auth transaction showing that transaction. Next day it actually reversed and balance was in payoneer account. Don't upset it happened to all of us but they…
  • meher2004 thanks for update.
  • Skrill us payment with skrill is working normal. My withdrawal loaded into my card within 2 days.
  • Yes. skrill US payment service with skrill is working normal now. My withdrawal loaded into my card within 2 days.
  • PROCEDURE 1. Insert your card 2. Type pin code 3. Select Checking / Current account 4. Select other amount and type 20000 5. Withdraw money RS. 20,000 ($200) 6. Take your card, wait few seconds You can repeat above procedure upto 12 time (Payoneer per day limit of atm cash withdraw is $2500 i.e roughly Rs. 250,000) In case…
  • Congrats! Osman for your very first successful withdrawal.
After entering pin code, choose either CHECKING ACCOUNT or CURRENT ACCOUNT Don't select fast cash but choose option other amount and type your amount for eg. 18500 or 20000 You got error because you selected CREDIT CARD. Payoneer card is not Credit Card, it is Master debit card. Never use your payoneer card for…
  • Afridi mentioned in his post that SCB presently allowing Rs. 20,000 ($210-$212). Thanks Afridi
  • OsmanShahbaz, Samba and Bank alfalah does not charge any fee for using payoneer master card.
I have last time used SCB in Nov 2013. At that time maximum limit was Rs. 20,000 (approx. $200 and SCB was also charging Rs. 200 per transaction). After that I started using samba. Before Nov 2013, we were withdrawing Rs. 30,000 per transaction (approx. $300). Presently I don't know about scb atm machine limitation…
Calculation is very simple. Today dollar pakistan ruppee interbank rate is 101.40. You can find from Deduct master card 3% charges from 101.40 and you have Rs. 97.96 per dollar for withdral. Login into payoneer account and from Help menu > pricing & fee, find out what is atm…
Following list of bank alfalah which are accepting payoneer is provide by user U2Workers in post
There is no extra charges and rate of exchange is also good. You can use bank alfalah. Good luck.
  • Thanks guys for update. Will use it again in future.
  • First of all, I am telling haseeb that $2.15 is not related to al-falah but it is payoneer atm withdrawl fee as you can see it after logging into your account from Help menu > pricing & fee. I am attaching my fee screen shot. $3.15 is default, when we signup from payoneer website. I actually first signup at payoneer,…
Thanks for list. Beaumont Plaza, Karachi is in list from where I withdrawn my money. 
  • sohagbd thanks for update. 
$2.15 is payoneer atm withdrawal charges and its not related to al-falah. If you see my post on this page, you will $3.15 withdrawal fee. There is no other fee for using samba or alfalah atm machines.
  • Thanks kiani for update. Presently payoneer users have two best option i.e Samba and Bank Al-falah. As sharifawan mentioned in his post, that there are selected alfalah atm machine accepting pyaoneer card.
  • May be it take 2-3 days for their atm smooth functionality. Update us, whenever you succeed. 
Kiani I have only $67 in my card when I use Bank Al-falah therefore withdrawn only Rs. 6,000. Don't know about any withdrawal limitation, if any, impose by bank al-falah. It is confirm that there is no ATM withdraw charges like samba bank. Following is the calculation :- Interbank rate as on 18/02/2015 = 1$ = Rs. 101…
I have received sms from Bank al-falah about their successful system upgrades. You can use their atm. Good luck with your withdrawal. I have bank al-falah account therefore receiving latest sms and info from them, though I am not using it for skrill withdrawal due to too much delay and signing their R-Form signature…
  • I have also contacted skrill support about delay in us payment withdrawal on 12 Feb 2015. Today received their reply after 10 days. Following is email from skrill, which I received few minutes before. When due to technical problem they cancelled my last us payment transaction then on same day I withdraw it to mcb, which…
Thanks for latest update. Great news.
Yes its my first try just for checking. I normally use samba bank for my withdrawal but bank al-alah is also giving good rate of exchange.
Thanks for all the efforts. As you can see from my previous post that Al-falah is now accepting payoneer master card.