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  • Well can you expedite the process time, again it takes long, in past it was instant or few hours, and now it always takes more then a day. I have another load today and again have to wait a day for it to process and it messes up with all of my plans. Thanks
  • Hi, I have a question regarding this topic. I had payment on Wednesday, and because you took long time to approve I wont get money loaded before Monday, it is a regual client with payments every week. Is there any way to speed it up so I can get money on Friday, it is pretty important to me, because I have a deadline to…
  • I have a Mobile application development company, I am also interested in creating an app for iOS, Android, blackberry.
  • You can avoid things happening by getting people advance notice and time to plan and switch their accounts. People depend on this service, including me, you have no idea how you will f*** my life if I dont get payments before new year, I have a trip reserved, and a big payment due to come in next couple of days.
  • Hi, First thing I want to ask, is how exactly will this be better? Until now no restrictions, now restrictions, what is better in that? How are restrictions better? You know, people are not that stupid. But anyway if you are going to do this, please wait until the end of holiday season. Why? Simply because almost all…