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  • Thanks a million Nasir Khan for great help :smile: Brother can you advice what is best date of month to withdraw i want to withdraw $2000+ amount when dollar rate will increase ? Thanks a lot... Regards, Osman shahbaz
  • Thanks a lot Nasir brother for your reply... Brother i want to let you know i not received any receipt from ATM because ATM showing that there is no slip available in ATM and after that my card exit from ATM. I was thinking it is possible when i received my card back then i leave ATM and after some minutes maybe cash come…
  • Anyone help me i'm very disappointed.. :( Yesterday i was go to bank alfalah to withdraw Rs.20000 I enter pin code and then put 20000 to withdraw after that i received message in ATM screen sorry invoice slip not available and then received my ATM card back and not received any cash from ATM i come back to home and when i…
  • Thanks a lot for your reply but i still have question in above message i saw a message he is asking that he successfully withdraw 37000 in 1 transition but you and many other asking that we can withdraw maximum 20000 in 1 transition if i put 20000+ while withdrawing maybe i got any problem or not ? have you try this…
  • Assalam-o-Alaikum! Can anyone help me i have some questions 1) If i enter more then 20000 cash to withdraw from alfalah bank then i got any problem ? i want to withdraw more then 20000 in above message i'm looking a reply of a person he was asking that he successfully withdraw 37000 from alfalah bank. 2) How many maximum…
  • Thanks a lot brother today i have successfully withdraw $200 mean R.s 20000 from Al falah bank and R.s 683 deducted of charges... Regards, Osman shahbaz
  • Hi brothers i need some help... Today i have try to withdraw $200 from bank Al falah i have not any experience of using ATM so i failed to successful withdraw i do these steps... 1.inserted my payoneer card in ATM machine and enter 4 degit pin 2.i got 4 options like Creadit card, Current account, Saving account, Default…
  • Thanks a lot afridi2129 brother for help... Regards, Osman shahbaz
  • > @afridi2129 said: > Alfalah is good like Samba but samba have limited branches, and Alfalah is everywhere. In Alfalah on each 20000PKR /205-207$ (depend on rates of day). In SCB they charge 210-212$ on Each 20000. > MCB etc dont use them. Take Care. > afridi brother SCB bank allow us to withdraw $300 or more in 1…
  • Hmm ok Thanks a lot nasir khan brother its mean you suggest me to use samba and bank alfalah... Some peoples asking that samba and alfalah will not charge any transition fee and some asking that they charge Rs. 300 or Rs.200 per transition.... ?
  • Thanks a lot Nasir khan brother to explaining me.... Here someone in a post telling that he is using Standard Charted Bank for withdrawing because SCB allow you to withdraw $300 this is right or not ? Regards, Osman shahbaz
  • Assalam-o-Alaikum Guys! Please help me and share you experience... There are 4 banks in pakistan to withdraw through payoneer... 1.MCB 2.Standard Charted 3.Samba 4.Al Falah So please tell me what is best bank for Maximum limit and Minimum cuttings... if i withdraw $200 then how much total withdrawing charges will be deduct…
  • > @sharifawan said: > Bank Alfalah rock > The bank is working very fine with payoneer card. Hi Sharifawan brother please tell me what is maximum limit of per withdrawing from Alfalah bank and how much cuttings on per transition.... Regards, Osman shahbaz